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Know-how and resources on demand

For over 25 years Alfasoft has been helping customers collect, analyse, simulate, organise and present data to deliver information and knowledge. In that time we have gained unmatched expertise in the way our products work and the way our customers use them.

Now that knowledge and expertise is available to you, as Alfasoft Professional Services – value-added services to complement our portfolio of leading-edge technical computing products.

Whether you’re lacking the dedicated manpower or the necessary infrastructure to implement your project, Alfasoft Professional Services can provide the extra resources you need, just when you need them. So you get your project up and running in the shortest time possible!

Our consultancy is bespoke – tailored to your specific requirements and application. So the only questions we’ll be answering are yours!

Call us on +44 (0) 203 695 7810 or email – we welcome the opportunity to discuss possible consultancy needs with you, no matter how tentative your enquiry might be.

A process tailored to your needs

Alfasoft Professional Services will help you plan, prepare, implement and deploy your technical projects. Because we work, on a daily basis, with a huge variety of customers and applications across many industry sectors, we have developed practical, broad-based expertise to ensure you get the best results possible.

All our consulting services are provided by qualified professionals with several years experience of supporting our software users and addressing their individual needs.

Once we’ve assessed your needs, we’ll supply a fully working proof of concept so you can test all your assumptions before making a final commitment to the full proposed consultancy project. The process culminates in a fully documented system proposal which covers an analysis of your needs, functional requirements, software tools, customisation processes and detailed implementation steps. That means, when you take the decision to move forward with the proposed solution, you’ll have a ‘no surprises’ guarantee, mitigating your risk and ensuring a successful project implementation through proper project planning.

A typical consultancy project

Step 1: Analysis of customer’s needs

Preliminary visit to

  • Establish technical requirements
  • Site infrastructure requirements
  • Other infrastructure requirements

Milestone: Need identified and proof of concept agreed

Step 2: Detailed user requirements

Consultancy visit by Alfasoft Professional Services to discuss project details and technical solution. Consideration will be given to the following areas:

  • What is the existing system in place?
  • What should be kept, changed and added?
  • Review the current technical position
  • Establish the future technical position
  • Proof of concept candidate
  • Functional specification
  • End user audience
  • Mutually agree a working timescale for proof of concept
  • Schedule of tasks + milestones with dates
  • Risk analysis

Milestone: Initial decision as to feasibility of project

Step 3: Proof of concept development

Transfer of needs analysis and user requirements into a fully working proof of concept system with supporting documentation (mind maps, system diagrams architecture and technical process flows). In addition a detailed project plan is created which shows the full scope of the project prior to its inception.


Project Plan and documentation delivered

Initial Operational Capability Milestone (IOCM) where both parties agree that this is the desired solution

Step 4: Proposal and procurement

  • All documentation and proof of concept system delivered with a full proposal outlining software licensing, maintenance plan and training/services for final sign off by key decision maker.

Milestone: Proposal accepted and internal procurement procedure initiated

Step 5: Transition

  • Software media and licences supplied
  • Training delivered
  • Maintenance plan initiated supplying technical support for software installation and usage

Milestone: Project planning complete

Call us on +44 (0) 203 695 7810 or email – we welcome the opportunity to discuss possible consultancy needs with you, no matter how tentative your enquiry might be.


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I am impressed – somebody actually cares enough about customer relations, not only to honour a promise to reply, but to remember the request! I hope your company appreciates you as much as I do.

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