New low-cost, hand-held data loggers measure temperature, humidity or thermocouples

PR-Image-USB-600-SeriesThe USB-600 Series from Measurement Computing Corporation (Norton, Mass.) are hand-held, battery-powered data loggers with an LCD display that shows real-time readings, graphs of data and current status. Simple push-button controls are used to start and stop logging, review logger settings, determine memory used and view max and min readings. The loggers, which are available in the UK from Adept Scientific (Letchworth, Herts.), also feature LED and audible high and low alarms.

The single-channel USB-601 can collect temperature measurements between -30C and +80C, while the USB-602 can read relative humidity levels as well. The dual-channel USB-603 offers K, J and T type thermocouple measurements and includes two type K thermocouples. Current pricing can be seen here.

With the software supplied with all three models, users can select sampling rate, start time and logging mode, and perform data download and analysis. Over 250,000 readings can be stored, with sampling intervals from 2 seconds to 2 hours.

The user can set up the logger and view downloaded data by plugging the module into a USB port on a PC. Data can then be graphed, printed and exported to Excel® or other programs via a .csv file.

A comprehensive choice of data acquisition hardware and software, including the entire Measurement Computing range, is available in the UK from Adept Scientific. A convenient product selection wizard is online at

About Adept Scientific

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About Measurement Computing

Measurement Computing is the market leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of value-priced data acquisition hardware, and test and measurement software solutions for both programmers and non-programmers. More information about Measurement Computing is available at


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