One purchase buys you EndNote X7.4.4 on both the Windows & Mac platforms


This week saw the release of EndNote X7.4 on the Mac, delivering the research tools you need, regardless of whether you’re working on a Windows or Macintosh machine! Your EndNote X7.4 product key allows you to install EndNote on multiple computers without having to purchase separate versions – one single-user licence allows installations on three computers, regardless of platform (2 Windows and 1 Mac or 2 Mac and 1 Windows). This also applies to student and upgrade purchases.

And don’t forget, your purchase of the EndNote desktop software also includes access to EndNote online with 5GB of file storage, unlimited reference storage and group sharing. Once you install your software, you’ll need to register at

That’s one comprehensive research toolkit, chock-full of functionality and flexible enough to fit the way you work exactly!

Find out more about the Windows and Mac exclusive new features for EndNote X7.4

Try out EndNote X7.4 on both platforms to see what your single-user licence purchase buys you. Upgrades start from just £75 or buy from new from £159

Prices are for single-user downloadable versions excluding VAT and correct at the time this article was published.

Access and Accelerate Your Research, Any Time and Anywhere

endnotex7_smJune 2013: The latest upgrade to EndNote®, the bibliographic reference management and publishing software from Thomson Reuters (Philadelphia, PA), is now available from Adept Scientific (Letchworth, Herts and Frankfurt/Main, Germany). New EndNote X7.4 for Windows brings users a smoother, more automated research workflow, increased time savings and even greater control of literature references thanks to enhanced PDF management, citing capabilities in PowerPoint and extended syncing capabilities that give users access to all of their references, attachments and groups from anywhere: desktop or laptop, Windows or Mac, online or iPad.

Used by millions of researchers, authors and students around the world, EndNote automates the process of locating, organising and formatting literature references and bibliographies. This new release adds new formatting tools, bibliography sub-headings, additional reference types and more. Both new and enhanced tools are designed to help users write papers, manuscripts, books, presentations, CVs, grant application and more, seamlessly integrating citations and bibliographies with word processing and other software.

Enhanced PDF Importing and Organising

With more and more key documents and research papers available online as PDFs, EndNote X7.4 includes new tools for importing, organising and annotating PDFs. Now you can specify which folder you want EndNote to automatically import and save, and define a naming convention for PDFs so they’re easily identifiable within and outside EndNote. When importing sub-folders of PDFs EndNote will automatically create and organise groups based on the sub-folders.

Cite in Microsoft PowerPoint

A new plug-in saves time and effort by letting you use EndNote to insert and edit citations and bibliography entries in your PowerPoint presentations – no more manual typing or copy and pasting by hand! (This feature is only available in Windows.)

Category Bibliography in Cite While You Write®

EndNote X7.4 makes it easy to add subheadings to your bibliography in Microsoft Word using EndNote’s patented Cite While You Write plug-in. You can specify your own categories or predefined reference types in an output style, allowing you, for example, to distinguish between different topics or primary and secondary sources.

Background Synchronisation

EndNote’s syncing capabilities let you access all of your citations, attachments and groups from anywhere, any time. The sync service now occurs in the background with non-intrusive feedback about its progress or issues, so your work is uninterrupted, continuously backed up and always available and accessible online.

New Reference Types

To further increase the software’s flexibility and in response to developing research needs EndNote X7.4 introduces a choice of new reference types to categorise your research material. These include Interview, Podcast, Conference Paper and Press Release.

Customisable Display

A simple drag-and-drop action reorders column headings in the Library reference list and a right click customises which columns display. You can also control if/how the reference ratings and read/unread fields are displayed.

Dual Platform Use

The standard single-user EndNote licence allows you to install the software on up to three computers (office desktop, laptop and tablet for example). Now the same product key will install EndNote X7.4 on both Windows and Mac platforms, so when EndNote X7.4 for Mac is released (scheduled for July 2013), users will be able to download the Mac version for free!

Among other enhancements to EndNote X7.4, quick searches automatically include results from PDFs and PDF annotations; and the ability to quickly identify groups from within your EndNote desktop that you’re sharing online.

EndNote X7.4 for Windows is available now from Adept Scientific in the UK, Ireland and Germany, with special online prices at

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