System OS:Windows 8, 32-_bit, Windows 8, 64--bit (as 32-_bit application), Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows Vista (32-bit with Service Pack) 2, Windows Vista 64-bit (as 32-bit application), Windows XP Pro with Service Pack 3
Processor:IBM-PC or compatible with Intel Pentium- (III, IV), Athlon-, AMD K6- or AMD K7 cpu
Harddisk:250 MB free storage space
RAM:at least 200 MB on the system partition
More Information:

Note: Not every DASYLab driver supports all the listed operating systems. DASYLab does not support Windows 8 RT, Windows 7 Starter or Windows Vista Starter.

Note: You must be logged on as the administrator to install DASYLab and to run the configuration tool. You can run DASYLab if you are registered as the standard user. DASYLab does not support a guest registration.

For the best DASYLab performance these requirements must be met:

Graphics Adapter: Color depth at least 16 bit (High Color), recommended 24 or 32 bit (True Color)

x86 compatible processor, 1 GHz or more

A windows pointing device, such as a mouse, is required to develop a worksheet. Touch screens are generally supported, although gestures are not.

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Thank you so much for all your help this morning. Endnote works just fine now and I’m enjoying working on this editorial. I am almost tempted to add your name as a co-author, but the journal won’t allow it! Thanks again.


Just would like to express my sincere appreciation to both Adept Scientific UK and Vissim Support team on their swift efficient and friendly responses of my problems. This is by far the best customer services I have received. Thank you.

SQ, Manchester, UK

Bob’s great, he should be franchised.

I recommend EndNote to all my students who I supervise on dissertations at undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels. Sometimes they ask if I get commission for doing this, which I do not. But the software is great, and fantastic time saver when putting journal articles or theses together.

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