Database Manager

Organise your personal reference collection easily

Create multiple links to the Web and files

Launch your Web browser from Reference Manager to link to full-text articles, PDF files, related links, graphic files and more on the Web or your local or network drive! With Reference Manager you can have multiple links in the same reference. For example, a biochemist can link a single reference to the full text of articles and to other relevant files such as chemical structures and protein sequences residing on the Web, a network or local drive. A simple click of the mouse launches the Web browser or appropriate Windows application to display the Web pages and files.

Includes Spell Checker

Spell check your references and create custom dictionaries.  The spell checker offers phonetic suggestions, typographical suggestions, identifies repeated words and supports multiple language dictionaries at your option. With the ability to customise dictionaries, users can include their own term lists from Reference Manager or elsewhere into their working dictionary.

Perform key operations across multiple databases

Open up to fifteen databases at one time. Search for and retrieve references across multiple databases – even search for duplicates in multiple databases. Perform global edits on the retrieval set or save them to a new database. When it’s time to publish, Reference Manager searches one or all open databases to insert the correct citations in your manuscript. Only Reference Manager has this unique capability of working across multiple databases.

Create synonyms for authors, keywords and periodicals

You can enter synonyms for authors, keywords and periodicals. For example, equate the word “alpha” with its Greek symbol ?, and equate American and British spellings of words. Using synonyms, your searches will find references you might otherwise miss.

Synonym lists dynamically updated

Reference Manager updates synonym lists dynamically as you add new keywords, authors and periodicals. This makes new terms immediately available, and always keeps your database up-to-date and current.

Automatic keyword assignment

Reference Manager scans the title and notes of new references for any terms that are already in your keyword list. Terms found are automatically added to the keyword field. This eliminates typing errors, saves time and helps you find references when needed.

Save search strategies

Search across multiple databases – up to 15 databases can be open at one time. Reference Manager automatically retains your last ten search strategies as you refine your parameters. Once refined, you can save your strategy and recall it for later use, valuable when you perform the same search repeatedly.

Customise your reference list display

View the fields you want to see. Conveniently edit references on the main display or view a formatted reference in your preferred output style. Click on column headings in your reference list to sort your database instantly. A second click reverses the order.

Tailor duplicate detection from fuzzy to precise

Reference Manager’s sophisticated duplicate checking ensures the most effective level of detection. Identical references may slip into your databases with a single misplaced or misspelled character. With Reference Manager you can refine the process to find duplicates even if all characters are not identical (? versus “alpha”). Other software may not detect such references as duplicates.

35 Reference Types including new Electronic Reference Types

Reference Manager includes 35 different reference types each with 33 fields. Take advantage of two Web reference types in Reference Manager, Electronic Citation and Internet Communication. All reference types contain fields such as Date Accessed and Unique ID (DOI).

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