Bibliography Builder

Instantly format bibliographies as you write

Instantly format your citations and bibliography

Reference Manager offers an easy yet powerful way to cite references within your word processor. Create bibliographies using Reference Manager and Microsoft® Word with Instant Formatting—all you do is select references to cite. Reference Manager takes care of formatting the bibliography in  hundreds of journal styles—you can even create your own styles.

Never leave your word processor to identify citations

With other bibliographic software, you must toggle between the word processor and the database to identify references and insert them into your manuscript. With Reference Manager you can work entirely within your word processor. This lets you concentrate on your writing while Reference Manager locates the correct citations – even across multiple databases – and inserts a place holder for you.

Collaborate with colleagues easily—publish papers faster

Sharing your document for collaborative writing is easier with Reference Manager’s traveling library that contains complete bibliographic data for all of your citations. Reference Manager creates a hidden traveling library automatically as you cite reference in Microsoft Word. When you’re ready to send your document to colleagues, they’ll have all the necessary information to reformat the citations and bibliography. Wherever the document goes, the references travel with it

Now you can capture references directly from colleagues’ papers to use in your own Reference Manager database with the new export traveling library feature.

Word Processor Compatibility

The Cite While You Write with Instant Formatting feature is compatible with Microsoft® Word for Windows 2000, XP, 2003. The Add-in feature is compatible with WordPerfect® 2000, 2002, 2003.

Format bibliographies for hundreds of journal styles – or create your own

Reference Manager supports output styles for hundreds of journals. If you don’t see the name of the style you want to use, you can take a similar style and modify it with Reference Manager to create new ones.

Create in-text citations as author/date or numbered

Reference Manager creates in-text citations as required by the output style for your manuscript. If the style calls for an author/date or numbered format, Reference Manager inserts these citations in your manuscript.

Revise your manuscript as many times as needed – even make complete style changes

Let Reference Manager format your manuscript – complete with in-text citations – in the output style you want. If you later decide to submit the manuscript to another publication which uses a different output style, simply choose the new style and let Reference Manager re-format the in-text citations and bibliography for you. This saves hours of time and eliminates errors.

Produce and preview formatted bibliographies within Reference Manager

Reference Manager lets you preview and produce formatted bibliographies for all your references or for a marked set, without requiring a word processor. You choose the output style, and format the document as you would like to see the information, including or excluding specific fields. You can print to a file, directly to a printer, or you can preview the file first, using Print Preview. A formatted bibliography created from Reference Manager can be saved in various formats for later use. Choose Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, ASCII text, or HTML, for posting your bibliography to the Web.

Create a subject bibliography with topic headings instantly

Save steps creating a bibliography with topic headings using Reference Manager 11. Simply select the field “Author” to view the finished bibliography organised by authors. Control the look of your subject bibliography by selecting your favorite output style and a sort order for the references. This feature gives you an easy way to update your curricula vitae and reading lists.

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