Write research papers and dissertations with Citavi. Or articles or books. Or reports or research studies. Citavi plays well with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and popular LaTeX editors.

Create bibliographies automatically

  • Citavi automates the citation process.
  • Insert a quotation, and everything is formatted according to the citation style you selected, whether you’re using footnotes or in-text citations.
  • All references you cite appear automatically in the bibliography – formatted exactly according to the citation style’s specifications.
  • Citavi can also sort the bibliography into sections you define in your project.

All important styles

  • APA, Chicago, MLA, Turabian, ISO 690 – only five of over 11,000 citation styles Citavi offers. Citation examples make it easier to choose.

Request a style

  • If a journal or publisher’s style is missing, we will add it at no charge.
  • Personal styles can be created with Citavi’s Citation Style Editor. Just find a similar style and customize it to fit your needs.

Write efficiently

  • Citavi works great with Microsoft Word and Google Docs.
  • View the references and knowledge items (quotes, summaries, comments, thoughts) saved in your Citavi project – by category, keyword, or group.
  • Just click to insert references and knowledge items into your document.
  • This lets you focus on your writing while Citavi takes care of the formal requirements.
  • No more writers’ block if you do things the Citavi way!

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