Citavi is designed for teamwork. Whether you have strict data requirements and need to keep all your information in-house or whether you’re collaborating on an informal group paper, Citavi has a solution.

Share projects with others

  • With Citavi for Windows you can work with up to four people simultaneously on shared projects at on a local network drive.
  • If you save projects in the Citavi Cloud, you can access them from anywhere in the world and coordinate with your colleagues using the chat.
  • Cloud projects have no limit on the number of team members.
  • Invite partners to co-edit your cloud project or grant them read-only access. No installation needed!

Citavi for DBServer – designed for organizations and large teams

  • Citavi for DBServer was designed for large teams in organizations that want to save projects on-site instead of online.
  • DBServer projects are saved on your organization’s own SQL server and offer additional licensing options.
  • An administrator manages licenses and assigns differentiated project roles to individual team members.
  • If desired, Citavi for DBServer also lets large teams across the world work together in cloud projects saved on Microsoft Azure servers in Europe.

Organize your teamwork in Citavi Cloud and DBServer projects

  • Assign different roles and rights to team members: administrator, project leader, author, and reader.
  • An indexed full-text search helps you find information in your library quickly.
  • Assign and delegate tasks to your team members. See which tasks are in progress or already finished.
  • Maintain an overview of internal processes. In Citavi you can always see who created or changed a record and when.

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I recommend EndNote to all my students who I supervise on dissertations at undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels. Sometimes they ask if I get commission for doing this, which I do not. But the software is great, and fantastic time saver when putting journal articles or theses together.

DF, W Yorks, UK

Here is to the best software support team – ever! Many, many thanks. You have definitely made my day! yay!! 🙂


Easy to book a place on the course, helpful staff at Adept. Very good introduction to the Endnote software, covered a wide range of topics. Knowledgeable on the Endnote program. Very helpful in answering any questions. Pace of learning was fine. Very good facilities.

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