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VisSim/Digital Power Designer provides high level blocks for simulation and code generation of power supply and digital power components and controls. VisSim/Digital Power Designer blocks let you develop a working controller which can be directly downloaded to the MCU for digital power applications. No other simulation program currently available can do that better. The digital power blocks efficiently model analog power supply configurations along with control loops to simulate and verify the control loop without the need for hardware, avoiding the risk of damaging your hardware. Thus, you develop your control routines much more flexibly, simulate, verify and make any needed corrections before you send Gerbers out to get hardware manufactured. When your hardware arrives, you can use VisSim/Digital Power Designer to compile and download the diagram to the MCU and test your real hardware.

Low level components

The components menu consists of typical blocks used in digital power control. Blocks can simulate and generate code. These include:

  • Compensators (1p1z, 2p2z, 3p3z, PI, PID)
  • Controllers (Average CM, Hysteretic CM, Phase shifted Full Bridge, VMC, Zero Transition CM)
  • Filters (1st order, 2nd order, Moving Average, Moving Median)
  • Measurements (Apparent Power, Crest Factor, Reactive Power, RMS, THD, etc.)
  • Utility functions (Event counter, soft-start, window detector)

High level subsystems:

Power Converters

Buck, Boost, Buck-boost, Multi-phase Buck, Boost and Buck-boost, Sepic, Cuk and Zeta converters, Full-bridge converters, Half-bridge converter, Push-pull converter, Flyback and Forward converters, Rectifiers and Bridgeless PFC converter.


  • Switching converter models
  • Converters can be modeled with synchronous switches
  • Inductor saturation can be included in models
  • Multi-phase converter models
  • Multiple outputs on isolated converters
  • Switching converter models allow analysis of the effects of regulation resolution errors due to the ADC sampling instant
  • Converters can be cascaded or paralleled for more complex converter configurations.


PI, PID (traditional), PID (2p2z), Types I, II and III compensators, 3p3z compensator.


  • Perform control loop simulations and experiment with various types of compensators
  • Perform control loop simulations and easily change between analog and digital compensators
  • Digital compensators are modelled in floating or fixed point
  • Simulates time delays, quantization, ZOH, and saturation effects.


AC source, DC source, three-phase AC source, controlled sources.


  • Sources include large variety of options and nonlinear effects.


AC current transformer,isolated current sensor (Hall-effect), isolated voltage sensor, Sensing resistor (current sense), resistive divider (voltage sense).


  • Models of various voltage and current sensors for control loop simulation.

MCU Peripherals

ADC, DAC, Dual PWM (C2000), eCAP PWM, eCAP, analog comparator, ramp generator, GPIO.


  • Perform simulations of digital control loops with power converter models and the internal MCU peripheral hardware models
  • Emulates various MCU functions for digital control loop simulations
  • Simulates and visualizes ADC and DAC quantization effects.


  • Analog RC filter
  • Anti-aliasing filter
  • General second-order filter
  • Moving average filters.


  • Constant-current load
  • Constant-power load
  • Load profiles – Includes up to 4 time regions with configurable start, duration and transition effects.
  • Inductive loads – Configurable Resistance, inductance, initial current
  • LED strings
  • Parallel connector


Coefficient Conversion

Calculates compensator and filter analog s-coefficients, poles and zeros and digital z-coefficients to provide a starting point for power converter compensator designs.


Easily convert analog compensators and filter designs to a digital algorithm by automatically generating the z-coefficients
Enter in the analog component values, converter power stage values or directly the compensator poles and zeros to generate the z-coefficients for a digital compensator or filter.

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