VisSim/Motion – Add-On

VisSim/Motion is an easy-to-use, yet powerful solution for accurately modeling and simulating motion and motor control systems. VisSim/Motion consists of a comprehensive motion control block library, which includes motors, amplifiers, filters, controllers, loads, sensors, sources, and transforms. To design a system, simply select and connect the system components. Then, with the push of a button, you run a simulation and view the system behavior.

Includes over 40 preconstructed reference systems

The package includes over 40 preconstructed reference systems, including:

  • Brush DC with PID, PWM Brush Amplifier 2&4 quadrant, single phase, dual phase
  • Stepper with VCO, Microstep, Normal
  • BLDC with 6 sector commutator, brushless PWM Servo AMp
  • AC Induction 3-phase AC source, DQ model, FOC model, Machine Reference, 3-phase square wave inverter
  • Machine tool, and Target Tracking sample systems


Over forty high fidelity motion and motor control blocks including:

  • Five high-fidelity motor models
    • AC induction (machine reference and DQ)
    • Brushless DC (PMSM)
    • DC Brush
    • Stepper motor models
  • Rotational Load and Translational Load blocks
  • Brush and Brushless PWM amplifiers
  • Eight sensors including Frequency demodulator, Hall, Linear and Rotary Encoder
  • Simple dialog box configuration
  • Editable Amplifier, Controller, Filter, and Discrete Integrator blocks to simplify the creation of custom blocks
3-phase AC induction motor

Field-oriented control of a 3-phase AC induction motor

motor configuration dialog

3-phase AC induction motor configuration dialog

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