ChemDraw Professional – Chemistry to be proud of

Chemistry you can be proud of! ChemDraw® Professional easily makes your chemistry stand out with atom, bond, and ring coloring options, and with the new 3D clean-up and 3D display improvements. Creating complex schemes has never been so easy.

ChemDraw® Professional also includes 1H and 13C NMR predictions, Name-to-Structure and Structure-to-Name functions, and integrations to SciFinder, Reaxys, and SciFinder-n. Peptide and nucleic acid chemists can also take advantage of the HELM Toolbar to easily represent biomolecules.

Here are some of the key feaatures with ChemDraw Professional v21

Efficient Chemical Drawing

  • Comprehensive Chemical Drawing Tools
  • Hotkeys & Shortcuts
  • Generic Structures
  • Structure & Reaction Clean-up
  • Smart Copy/Paste (SMILES to Structure)

Chemical & Biological Intelligence

  • 1H & 13C NMR Prediction
  • Name-to-Structure
  • Structure-to-Name
  • HELM Biopolymer Toolbar

Eye Catching Visual Chemistry

  • 3D Clean-up
  • Atom / Bond Color Highlighting
  • Ring-Fill Coloring
  • Structure Perspective Depth-fading

Integrations with Key Research Applications & Customizations

  • SciFinder-n Integration
  • Reaxys Integration
  • SciFinder Intergration

We have made 3D Clean-up enhancements by improving the 3D Force Field algorithm that can now cover more structurally diverse entities like metallocenes, more organometallic ligand geometries and handle aromatic circles properly in 3D. Double bonds are also better rendered in 3-D.

New hotkeys

  • “0” long C-C bonds on secondary or tertiary carbon
  • “j” Cyclopentadienyl ligand
  • “J” π-benzene ligand
  • “Shift keyboard arrow” hotspot hopping
  • “alt + Shift + keyboard arrow” molecule hopping
  • Color & Highlights – Make your chemistry more visually compelling and easier to follow with Atom and Bond Highlights and Ring Fill Coloring.
  • 3D – Create realistic 3D conformations of your molecules in just a few clicks.
  • Integrations – Access safety data from multiple regulatory agencies, find chemical suppliers, and initiate structure searches into Elsevier Reaxys and SciFinder-n from the comfort of ChemDraw.

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