ChemDraw Prime – Efficiency when it is at its best

ChemDraw® Prime is your everyday work horse solution for saving time drawing and publishing your experiments.

From a simple drawing tool to a chemically intelligent application, ChemDraw® has evolved into the software chemists and research scientists rely on.

Whether you are an aspiring or experienced chemist, ChemDraw® Prime can help you save time drawing chemical formulas and organic molecules. The efficient chemical drawing application, ChemDraw® Prime, lets you create publishable drawings in minutes.

In addition to a complete set of chemical structures such as rings, bonds, chains and atoms, ChemDraw® Prime can also help you calculate properties and create templates for laboratory equipment. Favorite shortcuts and shortcuts allow you to draw faster than ever before.

ChemDraw® has been developed from a simple drawing tool to a chemically intelligent application, a software that chemists and researchers trust.

Here are some of the key features with ChemDraw® Prime v21

Efficient Chemical Drawing

  • Comprehensive Chemical Drawing Tools
  • Hotkeys & Shortcuts
  • Generic Structures
  • Structure & Reaction Clean-up
  • Smart Copy/Paste (SMILES to Structure)

As always, a new version of ChemDraw comes with new hotkeys that allow to generate complex functional groups in one keystroke, including a Cp ligand, and a p-bonded phenyl. The location of the hotspot is now preserved when cloning molecules or using the reaction shortcut. The hotspot can move more easily within a molecule as well as onto another molecule without touching the mouse. A new icon is now available for the Join function of ChemDraw.

New atom and molecule Hotkeys!

  • “0” long C-C bonds on secondary or tertiary carbon
  • “j” Cyclopentadienyl ligand
  • “J” π-benzene ligand
  • “Shift keyboard arrow” hotspot hopping
  • “alt + Shift + keyboard arrow” molecule hopping

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