X Windows on Linux and Mac OS X

X/Winteracter is an implementation of the Winteracter GUI toolset, designed for use with X Windows and the Motif toolkit on Linux  or Mac OS X.


X/Winteracter is source compatible with the Windows implementation. A substantial majority of Winteracter‘s main functionality has been reproduced under Motif.

X/Winteracter offers a wide range of powerful GUI capabilities to the Fortran 9x developer under X Windows, including:

Multiple windows
Memory bitmap manipulation & bitmap viewer windows
Memory metafiles (CGM format)
Text editor windows, with optional command lines
Event handling
Text based menus, toolbars and floating menus
Dialog handling, including tabbed dialogs
Spreadsheet-style grid controls for array based data entry in dialogs and resizable windows
Common dialogs, e.g. file selector, message box, etc.
Full range of graphics primitives
Presentation graphics
3D modelling
Graphics hardcopy/export/import
Display and save BMP/PCX/PNG bit image files
Operating system interface & binary file handling
Character handling, sorting and Zlib compression
OpenGL support
Send email
Play sound files (Linux only)
Clipboard access

Virtually all of the visual tools are included:

WiDE : Winteracter Development Environment
Wizard : application quick start
Resource Editor : menu/dialog/toolbar/image designer
WED : Winteracter Text Editor
GraphEd : presentation graphics designer
3Dview : OpenGL based 3D model viewer
PlotConv : view/print/convert graphics files
WinterView : two-dimensional data viewer
HelpEd : help file editor
TrEdit : troubleshooter creator
IFD2DLG : INTERACTER form to dialog converter

A resource compiler is also supplied, enabling resource scripts defining dialogs/menus/etc. to be incorporated into X based applications in the same manner as the Windows version.


The X/Winteracter library utilises the Motif user interface toolkit. While several such toolkits exist for use with the X Windows System, Motif is one of the longest established and the nearest to being an industry standard. It is used in a wide range of professional applications.

The availability of Open Motif (released in 2000) means that Motif is readily accessible to developers on both Linux and Mac OS X. Binary versions of Open Motif are available for download and are included in several major Linux distributions.


On-line documentation is provided in HTML format. This is viewable in a web browser such as Mozilla, Forefox, Safari, Konqueror etc. It incorporates a built-in contents/index control which reproduces the functionality of the Windows HTML Help viewer (as used by Winteracter‘s help files on Windows). A documentation search tool is also provided.

The Winteracter Programming Guide is included, both in hardcopy form and on disk in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. All of the supplied documentation (HTML and PDF) is derived from the same source as the Windows equivalent.


X/Winteracter is available for the following Fortran 9x compilers:

Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 6.2 (Linux/x86)
Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 8.0 (Linux/x86_64)
Intel Fortran 10/11 (Linux/x86)
Intel Fortran 10/11 (Linux/x86_64)
Intel Fortran 10/11 (Mac OS X/x86)
Absoft Pro Fortran 10 (Linux/x86)
Absoft Pro Fortran 10 (Linux/x86_64)
Absoft Pro Fortran 10 (Mac OS X/PPC)
g95 (Linux/x86)
g95 (Linux/x86_64)
g95 (Mac OS X/PPC)
g95 (Mac OS X/x86)


Each X/Winteracter licence provides a version for use with one of the Lahey, Intel or Absoft compiler/platform combinations listed above. Each licence also includes a version for use with g95 on the corresponding platform. The currently supported g95 version is the “Stable 0.91” release.

An earlier version of X/Winteracter (7.10a) remains available for the obsolete Mac OS X/PPC platform. Development of this implementation has now ceased. Supported compilers are:


Absoft Pro Fortran 9.2 (Mac OS X/PPC)
g95 (Mac OS X/PPC)

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