WiDE is a development evironment, which integrates the creation and management of Winteracter based projects via an easy-to-use interface. It offers a credible alternative to compiler/platform specific IDEs:


Written by Fortran people for Fortran people.
Edit, compile, link and run via a single interface.
Quick and easy to learn and use.
Same interface for all compilers, on all platforms. No need to learn a new IDE next time you change compiler or platform.
Powerful built in Fortran/Winteracter aware editor (WED). Or, if you prefer, use your own favourite editor instead.
Smart compilation error/warning detection, with option to jump direct to error line(s) in editor.
Customisable filetype associations allow virtually any type of file to be maintained as part of a WiDE project. Add external applications as user programs.
Built-in WYSIWYG resource editor to create/maintain menus, dialogs, etc.
Compiler options can be set just as they would be from the command prompt.
Incorporate your own subroutine libraries.
Built-in pre-processor (WPP) can be invoked automatically during compilation, if source needs to target multiple compilers/environments.
Separate Release and Debug configurations for each project. Optionally invoke the debugger which was provided with your compiler.
Support for Fortran and C compilers, allowing C code to be called from Fortran applications, if required. Windows C compilers: Microsoft, Intel, Borland, Fujitsu, Absoft or Salford. Linux/Mac OS X C compilers: GNU or Intel. (Note: In normal usage, a C compiler is not required. This feature is for the benefit of advanced users who are comfortable with mixed language programming.)
Access to Winteracter’s other visual tools.
Context sensitive help.
Option to create a manifest on Windows platforms, allowing use of the latest visual styles on Windows XP onwards.
Easy access to all of Winteracter’s on-line documentation. Customisable Help menu also allows you to add your own favourite help files.
Make facility reduces compilation time (choice of built-in make or interface to Polyhedron Software’s Automake).
Access to compiler and linker command line help information.
File viewer with hex dump option.
Find-in-Files tool.
Line-ending conversion for files transferred from another operating system.

Project Creation

Creating a new project is simple and flexible. Choose from:

Generate a substantial Winteracter program tailored to your requirements with the application Wizard
Use a template project with the minimum functionality required of a Winteracter application.
Start with nothing created for you, with the option to instantly import all files in a directory. A simple way to integrate previously written code with WiDE.
Create a subroutine library instead of a program.

Resource Editor

The built-in resource editor provides the same functionality as the stand alone equivalent (the latter is included for the benefit of those who prefer to work from another environment such as the command prompt). The contents of your program’s resource (i.e. its menus, dialogs, toolbars, icons, cursors, etc.) are all directly accessible simply by clicking on the Resources tab. Just double-click on any of your application’s user interface resources to display that component in the WYSIWYG resource editor.

Fortran Tools

WiDE also provides various Fortran source manipulation utilities, including :


Extract Routines : Allows the extraction of subroutines and functions into individual files.
List Routines : List the subroutines and functions within a file or files. A search string may be specified, in which case only those routines which contain the string will be listed. The results dialog allows the built-in WED editor to open the relevant file, positioned at the selected routine.
Pre-process : A built-in version of the WPP pre-processor.
Reformatter : A Fortran source code beautifier, which includes a fixed format to F9x free format conversion option.

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