Subroutine Library

The Winteracter library contains several hundred Fortran callable routines, covering a wide range of GUI functionality:

Text Editor
Messages (events)
Common Dialogs
Operating System
Graphics Primitives
Graphics Text
Graphics Hardcopy/Export
Graphics Import
Graphics Input
Presentation Graphics
Memory Bitmaps
Memory Metafiles
3D Modelling
Obsolete Routines


Click here for a list of Winteracter‘s window handling routines.

  • Create a root window and multiple child windows
  • Hide root window for dialog-based applications
  • Combine windows/menus/toolbars/dialogs
  • Sub-divided status bars easily added
  • Windows can be fixed in size
  • Redirect output text/graphics to any window
  • Scroll, raise, retitle, clear, reposition, resize windows
  • Split a window into sub-windows

Text Editor

Click here for a list of Winteracter‘s text editor routines.

  • Edit text in resizable window with scroll bars
  • Font type/size selection
  • Customisable menu
  • Load/save text files of virtually any size
  • Put/get text from character variables
  • Optional command line allowing simulation of `teletype’ i/o
  • Optional command line history
  • Edit multiple buffers in one window
  • RTF (Rich Text Format) support under Windows
  • Paragraph and character level style control, in RTF editor windows

Messages (events)

Click here for a list of Winteracter‘s message handling routines.

  • Minimal set of message (event) types which need to be processed, including:
    • Mouse button up/down, double-click or scroll
    • Mouse moved
    • Key pressed
    • Push button pressed
    • Menu item selected
    • Window exposed or resized
    • Window close request
    • Dialog field changed
    • Tab changed in tabbed dialog
    • Timer expired
    • Command entered in an editor window command line


Click here for a list of Winteracter‘s menu routines.

  • Add/change/remove text menu on any root or child window
  • Add/change/remove toolbar button menu on any root or child window
  • Up to 4 toolbars on each window
  • Floating (vertical popup) menus
  • Set/get menu item state (checked and/or enabled)
  • Add/change/delete individual menu items
  • Set status-bar prompt for each item


Click here for a list of Winteracter‘s dialog routines.

  • Access to various types of dialog controls:
    • Single-line string, integer, real & double precision fields
    • Multi-line string fields
    • Combo boxes and list boxes
    • Push buttons
    • Check boxes and radio buttons
    • Progress bars
    • Track bars
    • Treeviews
    • Spinners on numeric fields
    • Tabbed dialogs (‘property sheets’)
    • Images
    • Grid controls
  • Set field state (enabled/disabled/read-only/hidden)
  • Field colour control
  • Range checks on numeric fields
  • Modal, modeless and semi-modeless dialogs (latter eliminate need for dialog callback routines)
  • Resize dialogs


Click here for a list of Winteracter‘s grid routines.

  • Powerful spreadsheet-like grid controls can be displayed in a dialog or a resizable window:
  • String, integer, real, double precision, check box and combo box column types
  • Get/put data at column or cell level
  • Cell/column/row colour control
  • Read-only columns/cells
  • Update row/column labels
  • Insert/delete rows
  • Save/load grid contents to/from CSV files
  • Save grid contents as HTML page
  • Sort, search and print

Common Dialogs

Click here for a list of Winteracter‘s common dialog routines.

  • File selector
  • Directory selector
  • Colour selector
  • Message boxes
  • Printing dialogs

Operating System

Click here for a list of Winteracter‘s operating system routines.

  • Command line arguments
  • Directory manipulation (create, change, delete, get name, list, file size/date information, check existence, count files)
  • Copy, rename and delete files
  • Execute external commands/programs
  • Get/set environment variables
  • Get/create/set/delete values in the Windows registry
  • Get/set file attributes
  • Get filetype/program association
  • Platform/compiler independent binary file handling (`stream i/o’)

General Functions

Click here for a list of Winteracter‘s general routines.

  • Extensive set of information functions
  • Access Windows Help, CHTML or HTML files at file or topic level
  • Send email
  • Mouse cursor manipulation
  • Play sound and movie files
  • Zlib compression
  • Quick sort
  • Save arrays as HTML tables or CSV files
  • RGB/CMY/HLS colour conversion
  • Debugging diagnostics
  • String manipulation
  • Array/function max/min calculation
  • Regional decimal point support
  • Date/time manipulation
  • Clipboard access
  • ODBC database interrogation

Graphics Primitives

Click here for a list of Winteracter‘s graphics primitives routines.

  • Lines, polylines, curves
  • Polygons (can contain `holes’)
  • Circles, ellipses and arcs
  • Arrows
  • Markers
  • Single points
  • Bit-block move/copy
  • Read pixel values
  • Solid, mixed colour, graduated, hatched area fills
  • Colour selection (8-bit palette or 24 bit RGB models)
  • Line width
  • Broken lines (8 types)
  • Plot mode selection (overwrite/and/or/exclusive-or)
  • Select target drawable (window, memory bitmap or dialog field)
  • Clipping rectangle
  • Device independent user-defined co-ordinate system
  • Proximity checking (e.g. Is a point in a given polygon?)

Graphics Text

Click here for a list of Winteracter‘s graphics text routines.

  • Software based vector and outline fonts (100% portable)
  • Hardware fonts (Courier, Times, Helvetica/Arial, Symbol)
  • Any TrueType font in GDI output
  • Monospaced or proportional spacing
  • Rotated text
  • Left/centre/right justification
  • Width/height control
  • Bold, italics, underlined
  • Opaque or transparent
  • Write strings or numbers

Graphics Hardcopy/Export

Click here for a list of Winteracter‘s graphics hardcopy/export routines.

  • Create graphics via drawing calls in these formats:
    • Microsoft Windows Print Manager (Windows versions only)
    • Microsoft Windows standard/Aldusenhanced metafiles (Windows versions only)
    • PostScript (printer and EPS files)
    • HP-GL/2 (for mono/colour LaserJets and high end DeskJets)
    • HP-GL (pen plotters)
    • HP PCL (mono/colour to 600 dpi)
    • Epson ESC/P and ESC/P2 (mono/colour to 720 dpi)
    • CGM (Computer Graphics Metafile)
    • SVG (Scalabale Vector Graphics, for web browsers)
    • BMP/PCX/PNG bit images (2/16/256/16M colours)
    • AutoCAD DXF
  • Print text files in any of the above formats
  • Save raw bit image data arrays in BMP/PCX/PNG format
  • Save a window, dialog or bitmap in BMP/PCX/PNG format
  • Dump a window, memory bitmap or dialog field as a printer bit image
  • Control over various hardcopy options (image size, position, orientation, copies and many more)

Graphics Import

Click here for a list of Winteracter‘s graphics import routines.

  • Load BMP/PCX/PNG bit images to a window, memory bitmap, dialog field or data array
  • Replay CGM, HP-GL or HP-GL/2 to a window, memory bitmap or dialog. Also WMF or EMF under Windows.
  • Zoom option when importing WMF, EMF, CGM, HP-GL or HP-GL/2.
  • Replay multi-page vector graphics files. Select page(s) to replay.

Graphics Input

Click here for a list of Winteracter‘s graphical input routines.

  • Stretch/drag graphical objects
  • Control mouse cursor position and shape

Presentation Graphics

Click here for a list of Winteracter‘s presentation graphics routines.

  • Bar charts
  • Histograms
  • High/low plots
  • Pie charts
  • 2D and 3D scatter plots
  • 2D and 3D line plots
  • 2D and 3D function plots
  • 2D line-based contour plots
  • 2D fill-based contour plots
  • 3D surface plots (carpet and stepped styles)
  • 3D volume plots
  • Vector plots
  • Tables of numeric data
  • Error bars
  • Cartesian or Polar co-ordinates
  • Log/linear scaling
  • Axes, graticule, key, scale and label plotting
  • Automatic or user defined scaling
  • Missing data indicator
  • (x,y,z) to grid data filter
  • 2D and 3D primitives allowing plot customisation

Memory Bitmaps

Click here for a list of Winteracter‘s memory bitmap handling routines.

  • Create/destroy memory bitmaps
  • Memory bitmaps selectable as target graphics drawable
  • Copy images between bitmaps, windows and dialog fields
  • Get bitmap from program resource
  • Display memory bitmaps in automatically managed viewer windows with scroll bars
  • Copy raw colour data to/from memory bitmaps
  • Load/save bitmaps from/to disk
  • Mirror/rotate/resize bitmaps
  • Copy bitmaps to Windows clipboard

Memory Metafiles

Click here for a list of Winteracter‘s memory metafile handling routines.

  • Create/destroy memory metafile in EMF or CGM format (CGM on all platforms. EMF is Windows only)
  • Memory metafiles selectable as target graphics drawable
  • Load/save metafiles from/to disk
  • Play back memory metafiles
  • Copy EMF metafiles to Windows clipboard

3D Modelling

Click here for a list of Winteracter‘s 3d modelling routines.

  • Model creation
  • Model view control
  • Modelview matrix manipulation
  • Save/load 3D model files
  • 3D text

OpenGL Support

Click here for a list of Winteracter‘s OpenGL support routines.

  • Text routines (Vector fonts on all platforms, True Type fonts under Windows)
  • Drawable selection (window, memory bitmap or dialog field)
  • Front/back buffer selection
  • 8-bit colour mode palette control (Windows only)

Obsolete Routines

Click here for a list of Winteracter‘s obsolete routines.

These functions have been superseded but are retained for backwards compatibility with earlier releases.

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