Silverfrost FTN95

FTN95: Fortran95 for Windows

New Features:

  • ClearWin+ is now available in the form of a 64 bit DLL called clearwin64.dll for use with third party 64 bit compilers. Routines in this library that previously ended with the @ symbol now end with $. In order to allow parallel development, FTN95 has been extended so that routines such as winio@ can now end in $ as an alternative to @. Also new standard modules are provided so that all ClearWin+ library routines for FTN95 can take this alternative form. For further information, search for “64 bit” in ftn95.chm.
  • ClearWin+ now accepts UTF-8 encoded character strings.
  • EXPORT_IMAGE@ and IMPORT_IMAGE@ now accept .PNG files and resources.
  • Four new library routines (START_THREAD@, WAIT_FOR_THREAD@, LOCK@ and UNLOCK@) have been added in order to initiate and manage Win32 threads.
  • The default ClearWin+ colour mode has been changed from “VGA colours” to “RGB colours”.
  • ClearWin+: A new format code %em has been introduced to allow you to put icons in the left hand column of menus.
  • ClearWin+: A new format code %nw has been introduced. %nw takes one argument and this is the handle (%hw) of a window that has already been created
  • %ac[Ctrl+1] etc. added to list of accelerator keys allowed
  • The options [colour=] and [color=] have been added to %gr.
  • %th[balloon] now provides a tooltip in the form of a balloon.
  • %rd now takes the option [radix=n] where n is an integer in the range 2 to 36.
  • %ob now takes the option [rounded] to provide rounded corners
  • clearwin_info@(“TOOLTIP_HWND”) now returns the HWND for Microsoft style tooltips
  • Visual Studio 2012 plugin

Outline summary of bugs that have been fixed:

  • Local use of a name that duplicates the name of an intrinsic (e.g. SUM) was confusing the compiler.
  • FTN95 was allowing the intrinsic function TRIM to be elemental.
  • Regression at FTN95 version 6.0: SIZE(x, dim) was failing for assumed-size arrays.
  • FORALL is now allowed to use the same index as an outer DO contsruct.
  • /CHECK was giving an access violation at runtime when the FORALL index was passed to it as an argument.
  • An exclamation mark in column 73 was giving a false line truncation warning.
  • A false runtimne error was being issued when using /FULL_UNDEF for a certain generic routine.
  • MAXVAL,MINVAL,MAXLOC and MINLOC intrinsics did not report a compilation error when used with assumed-size arrays.
  • USE ONLY was not hiding a MODULE subroutine.
  • DRAW_FILLED_POLYGON@ was failing when used repeatedly with a very large number of different colours.
  • ClearWin+: %th[ms_style] did not allow multiline tooltips.

New 6.30 Released!

With Silverfrost FTN95: Fortran for Windows you can create console based, conventional Windows® and Microsoft .NET applications. Silverfrost FTN95 is the only compiler that can produce Microsoft .NET applications that can use the full Fortran 95 language. Silverfrost FTN95 also boasts its world leading CHECKMATE run-time checking technology that finds bugs fast!

Silverfrost FTN95: Fortran for Windows is now available free for personal and evaluation use. To try the compiler click here.


Silverfrost FTN95 is a full Fortran 95 standards compliant compiler, capable of producing fast executables for Win32 and for Microsoft .NET. FTN95 ships with the world’s best runtime checking and a great range of supporting software. All standard and many vendor-specific legacy language features are supported, so that Fortran projects may be any combination of Fortran 77, Fortran 90 and Fortran 95.

General Features

  • Full Fortran 95 language compatibility
  • Comprehensive integration with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
  • Standalone editor – Plato3
  • The world’s best runtime checking
  • Very fast compilation speed
  • Excellent compile-time diagnostics
  • Full souce level debugging
  • Builds console, Windows® and Microsoft .NET 1.1 and 2.0 applications

Windows® Specific Features

  • Visual Studio .NET integrated debugger
  • Binary compatibility with FTN77 object and library code
  • Complete I/O library compatibility with FTN77
  • Inline Mnemonic Assembler using CODE…EDOC
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Interoperability
  • Salford C/C++ Interoperability
  • GUI building with Salford Clearwin+
  • Full support for REAL*10, COMPLEX*20
  • Virtual Common
  • Small EXE and OBJ files

Microsoft .NET Specific Features

  • Full Fortran .NET debugging facilities
  • Effortless porting of existing Fortran code to .NET
  • No language restrictions
  • Use Salford CHECKMATE technology within .NET programs
  • Fast runtime performance
  • Simple inter-language operability
  • Recompile existing code and use it immediately with .NET
  • No steep .NET learning curve to be negotiated
  • Easily attach a .NET Windows Forms front end to a Fortran backend
  • Create and manipulate .NET objects within Fortran


Out-of-the-box FTN95 provides lots of development options.  Here is a list of straight-forward questions and answers:

Do I need to buy Visual Studio to use FTN95? No
Do I need to know about Microsoft .NET to use FTN95? No
Does FTN95 support .NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005? Yes
I have my own editor and just want to use FTN95 from a command-line…can I do that? Yes
Can I use the personal edition to evaluate FTN95 for the company I work for? Yes

Ready To Buy?

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