Teaching Applications: Where Is NI Multisim Used?

Featured Application Areas


02050403Analog Circuits and Analysis

Using the intuitive graphical environment of Multisim, students can quickly place electronic components and simulate behavior to understand fundamental concepts. The component library includes resistors, capacitors, inductors, power sources, switches, bipolar junction transistors, and field effect transistors while the environment comprises oscilloscope instruments, probes, and SPICE analyses to truly build analog electronics expertise. Complete integration with the NI myDAQ and NI Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (NI ELVIS) platforms help students learn through hands-on exploration.

Learn how the University of Manchester uses Multisim and NI myDAQ

See how Multisim combines with NI ELVIS to teach analog circuits


Digital Logic Circuits, Microcontrollers, and FPGAs

Multisim includes digital logic gates, counters, and microcontrollers to augment the teaching approach of introductory digital electronics topics such as Boolean algebra. The specialized programmable logic device schematic gives students the ability to translate digital logic gate circuits into raw VHDL deployed to FPGA targets from partners such as Digilent so students can deploy to hardware to learn digital fundamentals without needing to learn complex syntax.

See how Georgia Tech teaches with Multisim and NI ELVIS

Explore digital electronics topics you can teach with Multisim and Digilent


Power Electronics and Systems

Energy and power is a critical area of new courses and research in educational institutes around the world. The Multisim environment includes a library of components and specialized analyses for students to explore concepts including AC-to-DC conversion, DC-to-DC switch mode power supplies, DC-to-AC for motor drives, renewable energy, rectifiers, inverters, and PWM.

View lead user power electronics research and teaching projects using NI tools

Visit the power electronics fundamentals homework page


Student Design and Research Projects

With the same Multisim environment, students can use the accompanying NI Ultiboard layout and routing environment to prototype physical printed circuit board (PCB) designs. Student design and research projects can be either stand-alone PCBs, or integrated as a part of a system using NI myDAQ or NI myRIO.

Read how Texas A&M University uses Multisim for student design projects

Learn how to design a power electronics and controls project

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