Delphin: TopMessage Series

TopMessage devices are used as decentralized units for process data acquisition, as independent units for process & control or monitoring, or for remote monitoring functions. For such applications TopMessage provides all required the functions in a single device.

TopMessage product features

  • Secure and reliable measurement data acquisition
  • Compact and modular design
  • Independent operation via integrated data memory
  • Integrated signal conditioning
  • Full potential isolation
  • Universal inputs and outputs (Pt100, NTC, TC, mV/mA …)
  • Stand-alone processing capability and extended functions via virtual channels
  • Connection of external equipment (PROFIBUS, RS232/485, Modbus …)
  • Easy to configure from any PC. Programming expertise is not required
  • Fully compatible software

The device is easy to integrate into existing company networks via its network interface, or it can be connected directly to a workstation PC or laptop/netbook. TopMessage devices can be used for remote monitoring via its up to date (UMTS) interface.

A modular design allows TopMessage devices to be adapted to any measurement and control task. Universal inputs enable any unit of measurement to be acquired (e.g. temperature, pressure, flow, vibration etc.). Data is scaled directly and recorded linearly. Conversions from mA to bar or ml/min are no longer necessary and integrated signal conditioning enables users to immediately process data at the unit of measurement required.

24-bit resolution A/D converters deliver high-level precision and permit the connection of extremely small signals (e.g. thermocouple). Integrated compensation means direct measurement can be performed.

TopMessage devices are equipped with universal inputs that allow the connection of any type of signal including non-isolated inputs. Expensive measurement transducers are therefore unnecessary. Potential isolation across channels and differential inputs saves both time and costs.

The internal data memory can store up to 132 million measurement values, continuously as well as with edge or level triggering. No PC-support is required.

The fully compatible ProfiSignal software provides on/offline analysis, visualization and operation from any PC workstation as well as PC-controlled process automation and database communications via ODBC/SQL.

Universal and galvanic isolation

Major benefits of TopMessage devices are that inputs and outputs are differential, high-precision and galvanically isolated – from each other and from the power supply. Earth loops and non-isolated sensors therefore present no problems. This unique system architecture prevents earth loop distortions and enables the measurement of non-isolated signals.

The TopMessage device has several serial ports for attaching external equipment (e.g. scales, modems, large displays). Communication takes place via Modbus (LAN). PROFIBUS DP is also optionally available.

Data storage functions

The integrated data memory can be partitioned and triggered to enable users to save their data either continuously or according to specified events. A drag and drop option makes it easy to assign connected channels to storage/memory groups. In the same way users can save data from virtual channels – i.e. channels that extend the functionality of data acquisition systems.

The ProfiSignal software is used for both manual and automatic data memory read out. Online visualization is also available as well as analysis of the data memory’s archived data.
Redundant storage within the device means data is secure even in the event of a PC or network failure; data security is important, and not just for FDA21CFRPart11 compliance.


The TopMessage Ethernet interface connects to a PC or to a company network. This interface also uses the Modbus TCP protocol to acquire and store data from external equipment.

Dual RS232/485 ports are also available as data interfaces. These enable connection of a (GSM) modem for sending text and messages and faxes as well as connecting scales, GPS receivers, Modbus RTU equipment and others.

The RS232-port can optionally be used as a Profibus DP Slave interface. As a PROFIBUS DP Slave interface, the device functions as a PROFIBUS DP data logger and simultaneously records process data via the I/O modules. This provides a centralized point to record data to a common database where it is then available for visualization and analysis using the ProfiSignal software. Fully automated systems, including reporting functions, can be generated using ProfiSignal Klicks.

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Good balance of basic information and practical tips for the more experienced

DV, Manchester, UK

When working with many data points, graphing is often the quickest way to qualify data and identify trends. With the Origin statistics gadget, it’s also easy to pull quantitative information, such as mean and standard deviation, straight from a data plot. This lets me make better decisions about which data to select for more detailed analysis.

Boaz Vilozny - Postdoctoral Researcher, University of California at Santa Cruz

THANK YOU – you are a star and have saved my thesis! Your instructions worked perfectly. If I am purchasing upgrades I will definitely go to Adept now I know what level support you can provide.

CB, Plymouth, UK

Bob’s great, he should be franchised.

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