Delphin: ProfiSignal Klicks

ProfiSignal Klicks is software that enables users to operate, monitor and control their experiments as well as to acquire and evaluate their measurement data.

The vision behind ProfiSignal Klicks is software that enables scientists, technicians and engineers to generate their own systems independently without the need for specialist assistance.

Other software languages have been developed by IT specialists for IT specialists and can be used only after a long period of familiarization. This is not the case with ProfiSignal Klicks. ProfiSignal Klicks has been developed by engineers for engineers.

The unique feature of ProfiSignal Klicks

ProfiSignal Klicks has been granted many patents. Its unique feature is that program instructions are generated with context menus. This avoids the typing up of program text and the learning of commands. The user gets everything on a single plate. This is a major difference to conventional programming languages; the phrase “writing a program” does not apply to ProfiSignal Klicks.

ProfiSignal Klicks in use

Highly sophisticated systems have already been generated using ProfiSignal Klicks and are functioning to the full satisfaction of customers. Lead times from system conception to live running can be considerably shortened, with results being available more quickly and more efficiently.

Klicks enables the easy generation and maintenance of applications. No specialist IT knowledge is required. Users do not have to learn a programming language.

System integrators have also recognized the advantages of ProfiSignal Klicks. They can generate applications much quicker than previously possible. ProfiSignal Klicks therefore gives system integrators real competitive advantage.

Benefits of ProfiSignal Klicks

  • Process automation
  • Process visualisation and operation
  • Measurement data acquisition and evaluation
  • Automation of measurement procedures
  • Inspection, tests, experiments
  • Test stand automation
  • Series testing
  • Automatic generation of reports
  • Optimizing energy usage
  • Determining efficiency rates

Intelligent data archiving for fast access

Switching between online and offline evaluation is at best difficult and sometimes not even possible.

The Delphin data storage system eliminates any restrictions on online or offline evaluation. ProfiSignal Klicks offers visualization through to archiving and reporting functions for both continuous long-term and batch data acquisition of process data.

The intelligent recording of averages and minimum and maximum values enables the high-speed portrayal of current and archived data from µs to annual averaging levels, at high-resolution and including peak values.

This means even large data volumes can be portrayed as part of visualization or externally within analysis windows. The ProfiSignal Klicks automatic report generator accesses measurement databases or measurement data files and retrieves the required data while data recording continues uninterrupted in the background.

To select a required time range in ProfiSignal Klicks, users need only to click on the time axis. A scroll function is available when the exact time range is unknown.

A powerful recorder function is available for recording batch processes. This stores data to Delphin databases or individual data files either manually, or at set intervals, or via triggers (events, channel, time etc.). Controlling data recording procedures can also be performed within the ProfiSignal Klicks process control system.

Measurement data analysis

As in ProfiSignal Basic and ProfiSignal Go, ProfiSignal Klicks enables measurement data analysis directly at the visualization user-interface and/or within individual diagrams irrespective of the type of application.

But in addition to the manual analysis tools of diagram, zoom, data export and statistical functions, Klicks also offers automated measurement data analysis through the “Klicks” integrated script language. Klicks can also be used for process control systems.

A special feature of the script language, as part of measurement data analysis, is that it can be used to open and process existing measurement data files.

Reports can be automatically generated; minimum, maximum, and averages for a specific time range calculated; trends automatically generated; and channels hidden/shown according to user input or operational parameters.

Specific data can also be searched for, subjected to computations or used to trigger events according to preset conditions.

Klicks greatly extends the options already available for measurement data analysis using diagram portrayals. ProfiSignal functions in the same way whether processing individual data files or direct online data.


ProfiSignal Klicks can display basic visualisations just as quickly as complex multi-view visualization systems.

Users need only to place visualisation objects and diagrams onto the display and link these to channels from Expert or Message devices.

The Klicks script language then allows for many additional options. Klicks makes it extremely easy to change object colors in alarm events or to show / hide objects depending on measurement data or the process phase.

All ProfiSignal Basic and Go functions, e. g. trend or characteristic curve portrayal or visualisation objects such as analog and digital displays, slide and rotary controls, are also available in Klicks and can be manually or automatically operated using the script language.

ProfiSignal Klicks can be used for the quick and easy generation of systems to run profiles, trigger reports (e. g. for alarm events or button activations), as well as for the processing of multi-phase or full HMI systems.

Process Control

Any test procedure, experiment or process can be portrayed in a structure chart by using just a few block symbols.

Systems are constructed step by step in a structure chart view according to set rules and in the form of linked block symbols. A structure chart provides an overview of a system and enables the generation and upgrading of applications and programs even for complex projects.

Each block symbol in a structure chart corresponds to a specific procedure. Any task can be structured by the user as block symbols and will maintain an overview of the system.

Programming by selection

A structure chart’s block symbols represent containers for the programming code. Clicking a symbol opens the block for generating the program code.

ProfiSignal Klicks represents a new object-oriented language that differs from traditional languages such as C++ or Java in that not a single line of programming needs to be written therefore eliminating the need to learn a command and syntax set.

This entirely new method of programming uses a system of key words and knowledge lists. The user needs only to click a key word to call up a knowledge list for selection (programming by selection). The program code appears as if it has been typed in as normal when in fact it has been generated in its entirety at just a few mouse clicks.

No specialist knowledge and only minimal familiarization time is required. Engineers and scientists who are familiar with their systems can generate their own programs without requiring any specialist IT knowledge.

Visualisation + programming/configuration = process control

The ease of generating visualisation images and the intuitive programming technique enable users to create their own applications ranging from simple portrayals with basic on/off switches through to complex process control or test stand applications with parameter input, process control via visualisation, and automatic reporting.

The ProfiSignal software is designed to be fully compatible with the Expert and Message hardware and enables, from source text or from within visualisation objects, direct read or write access to the hardware channels.


Automatic report generation for acquired and processed data is a software requirement for virtually any test stand application.

ProfiSignal Klicks generates detailed and meaningful reports with diagrams, tables, notes, etc. not only in permanent PDF format but also as dynamic operable documentation.

Data and graphics from ProfiSignal options such as Alarm management and vibration monitoring, as well as from ODBC/SQL, can be combined in reports along with process and quality control data.

One advantage over conventional systems is that data acquired from Message or Expert series hardware, or from measurement and process data already present within ProfiSignal, can be portrayed in any available ProfiSignal diagram type. The diagrams remain dynamic due to the availability of all measurement data including time-stamp. This means that users have options in reports to zoom and perform statistical functions, offline calculation channels, and data export just as in visualization.

Marking and commenting on specific ranges then becomes extremely easy. Direct manipulation of measurement data can still be effectively prevented especially for FDA21CFRPart11 or GMP conform applications.

Reports can be generated and archived automatically according to time or events. This provides an ideal and practical tool for quality assurance, quality certification and accounting purposes.


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When working with many data points, graphing is often the quickest way to qualify data and identify trends. With the Origin statistics gadget, it’s also easy to pull quantitative information, such as mean and standard deviation, straight from a data plot. This lets me make better decisions about which data to select for more detailed analysis.

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