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ProfiMessage 2ProfiMessage devices have been specially developed for use as modular measurement, control and monitoring units. ProfiMessage uses a master/slave concept and has a range of I/O modules to meet the requirements of any system. This enables the problem-free functioning of multi-channel systems.


Product features

  • Secure and independent measurement data
  • Compact and modular design
  • Monitoring and automation functions
  • Combined processing of vibration and process data
  • Universal analog inputs with high measurement precision
  • Galvanic isolation between channels
  • Simple and intuitive configuration and operation
  • Ethernet interface for online operation
  • USB interface for data memory read out
  • PROFIBUS interfaces (single or redundant, according to PNO 2.212 V1.2)
  • Four serial interfaces
  • Freely configurable CAN bus interface
  • Configuration in XML format

ProfiMessage devices have universal connectivity to any process. They also have flexible I/O modules and a diverse range of field bus interfaces. ProfiMessage is extremely easy to connect to PLC control systems to perform data exchange. All measurement data is recorded at high temporal resolution.

ProfiMessage has integrated control, calculation and monitoring functions which make it the ideal combination device. Measurement data can be simultaneously acquired and monitored with control and regulation tasks being independently processed. Read more about these unique functions in the software channels section.

ProfiMessage devices for independent measurement and recording. An internal 16 GB data memory is able to record several billion measurement values. At the click of a button the data can be transferred to a USB stick and evaluated offline. Data read outs can also take place online via an Ethernet interface. These can be performed manually or automatically according to a time plan.

ProfiMessage is ideal for fast, precise and galvanically isolated measurement data, as well as for intelligent pre-processing and monitoring. Applications range from the monitoring and observation of industrial processes and machinery through to vibration measurement technology.

In conjunction with the AMDT I/O vibration module, ProfiMessage can be used to process shaft and bearing vibrations. The devices are then typically used in condition monitoring systems as monitoring and analysis units.

By connecting the device to a modem enables fully independent operation for remote monitoring of equipment, ships, vehicles or any other decentralized machinery.

ProfiMessage Functions

Universal and galvanic isolation
A major advantage of ProfiMessage devices is that its inputs and outputs are differential, high-precision and galvanically isolated – from each other and from the power supply. Earth loops and non-isolated sensors therefore present no problems. This unique system architecture prevents earth loop distortions and enables the problem-free measurement of non-isolated signals.

Depending on the I/O module, each input can be individually configured for measuring mV, mA, RTD and thermocouples. Universal inputs for voltage, current and temperature measurement make ProfiMessage devices extremely flexible. Digital inputs are also available as status or frequency inputs along with digital and analog outputs.

Data storage functions
The integrated data memory can be partitioned and triggered to enable users to save their data either continuously or according to specified events. A drag&drop option makes it easy to assign connected channels to storage/memory groups. In the same way users can save data from virtual channels – i.e. channels that extend the functionality of data acquisition systems.

The ProfiSignal software is used for both manual and automatic data memory read out. Partial and full data transfers from the data logger’s memory can also be performed using a USB stick.

Redundant storage within the device means data is secure even in the event of a PC or network failure; data security is important, and not just for FDA21CFRPart11 compliance.



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The ProfiLab device with 4 mm laboratory plugs is an alternative to the ProfiMessage model for mounting in cabinets on C-rails. The devices are identical apart from casings and connectors. Further information is available under technical specifications.

Depending on requirements, ProfiMessage can be used in a mobile measurement case or as a fixed installation in a cabinet system. Delphin offers its services for individual planning and installation.

ProfiLab for the Laboratory:

  • Laboratory-proof, robust tabletop design.
  • 4 mm laboratory or BNC connectors.

ProfiMessage for Industry:

  • Industrial-grade, compact design for cabinet installations.
  • Screw terminals.

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I/O Modules

Modular I/O units
Flexible extendibility

ProfiMessage master and slave devices can be equipped with two identical or differing I/O modules. A single master device can be connected with up to 20 slave devices of similar casing designs.

Data exchange between master and slaves takes place via a real time expansion bus using robust dual-wire technology. Slave devices can be decentrally located and managed from a single master device.

Nine different I/O modules are available for ProfiMessage. Each master or slave device can be equipped with two either identical or differing I/O modules.

For processing only field bus signals, master devices can be supplied without any I/O modules. ProfiMessage then functions as a PLC data logger for process fault detection and diagnostics.

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ProfiSignal software offers a diverse range of field bus interfaces. A master device is equipped with two PROFIBUS DP salve interfaces (redundant according to PNO 2.212 V1.2), a Modbus TCP and a Modbus RTU, as well as a freely configurable CAN interface. The interfaces can also be used to connect serial measurement equipment via RS232/485 ports.

Connecting ProfiMessage to a PC or server takes place via a high speed Ethernet connection. X-Message functions enable ProfiMessage devices to communicate without PC support and to exchange measurement data and alarm information.

PROFIBUS (redundant)

ProfiMessage also has two optional and separate PROFIBUS DP slave interfaces. ProfiMessage is integrated into PROFIBUS via a GSD file. Any analog or digital signal can then be read or written to from PROFIBUS. There is the option to switch operating mode to redundant (according to PNO 2.212 V1.2) PROFIBUS.

Modbus TCP/ RTU

The LAN and RS485 interface can also exchange data via the Modbus TCP/RTU protocol. ProfiMessage support this operation as a Modbus master or slave.

RS232 / RS485

These serial interfaces can function with separate protocols. Protocols can be created either directly by the user or by Delphin. Applications include the control of climate chambers, laboratory devices, power measuring units or GPS reception.

CAN bus

The CAN bus interface can be programmed according to user requirements. The CAN bus can read, scale, process and record any identifier.


The LAN interface transmits online all measurement data, including software channels, at high speed across the intranet or internet. Any networked PC can access ProfiMessage via this interface. Other TCP services are available such as NTP, FTP, HTTP and SFPMP etc.. The internal data memory can also be read out via the LAN.

USB interface

The USB interface (master) can be used to read out the internal data memory to a USB data stick.

Expansion bus

The expansion bus enables up to 20 slave devices to be connected to the master device.

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Software Channels

ProfiMessage devices are equipped with additional functions that can be categorized under the heading “software channels”. Software channels enable functions such as threshold value monitoring, integration or online computations to be easily configured. This means that even users without programming expertise can easily generate and implement their own monitoring and record-keeping tasks. This concept has been taken from the popular TopMessage series. Users quickly learn how to effectively and efficiently use their ProfiMessage devices.

Software channels are predefined function modules that users set up and configure at the click of a mouse. Software channels each have one or more inputs and one output.

Software channels are easy to link to each other. This enables the problem-free processing of even complex tasks. Operation is intuitive and can be quickly learnt. All functions are independently processed by the powerful internal processor and ensure a fully secure operation of the ProfiMessage device.

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PC Software

ProfiMessage configuration takes place with the “Configurator” software included in delivery. It clearly portrays channels and operation is intuitive and similar to the Windows Explorer. Double clicking a channel opens a configuration dialog to enable users to set the channel properties. The individual configuration files are stored in the ProfiMessage devices in XML format and can also be processed offline using an XML editor.

All measurement data can be transmitted online and saved to desktop PCs or data servers. The data can be visualized and analyzed using either Delphin’s ProfiSignal software or any other software via the OPC server. In combination with ProfiMessage devices, the ProfiSignal software offers up to a 1000 times greater temporal resolution than that offered by regular SCADA systems.

ProfiSignal can also be used as universal software for measurement data, test stand automation and process data. Areas of application range from basic data archiving through to visualization procedures and fully automated systems with report functions.

ProfiSignal is available as Go, Basic and Klicks to match any level of usage.

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