Delphin: LogMessage Series

Log system

LogMessage devices have been specially developed for use as universal data loggers. A complete package that includes a LogMessage device and the ProfiSignal Go software enables users to immediately begin their measurement and analysis tasks. Delphin customers are especially impressed by the system’s intuitive method of configuration and the many options provided by the device.

Product highlights

  • Reliable data logger including potential isolation
  • 8 to 30 analog inputs in nine different versions
  • Universal inputs for thermocouples, RTDs, mV or mA signals
  • High-precision differential inputs with up to 24-bit resolution
  • Galvanic isolation, isolation voltages of up to 650 V
  • Digital inputs and outputs, counter and frequency inputs
  • Storage capacity of up to 1 billion measurement values (standard = 250 million)
  • Measurement data portrayable as trends and exportable in ASCII format
  • Excellent return on investment
  • LAN interface for configuration and data transfer
  • Serial interfaces, Modbus RTU and TCP/IP
  • A range of internal calculation and logic channels
  • Monitoring and alarm functions
  • ProfiSignal Go software included in package

LogMessage is an independently operating data logger for acquiring, monitoring, computing and storing measurement data. An internal data memory enables uninterrupted storage of up to 250 million measurement values. LogMessage is available in nine different versions.

Every LogMessage device is delivered with the ProfiSignal Go software. Its intuitive operation enables users to easily and quickly acquire and evaluate measurement data with no need for extensive learning and familiarization. Users will be impressed by the system’s range of functions.

As well as ProfiSignal Go, Delphin has other software for all types of application:

Delphin delivers systems to match user requirements: e.g. long-term monitoring, machine monitoring, or remote monitoring.

LogMessage delivers added value through its fully inclusive and complete system package. Many software interfaces and drivers are included along with the ProfiSignal Go software. The system is easy to integrate into users existing systems and procedures. Users save costs by not having to invest in additional software.

LogMessage Functions

Universal usage

The LogMessage’s analog inputs are differentially and galvanically isolated from each other as well as from the power supply. Earth loops and non-isolated sensors therefore present no problems. Additional converters are not required. This saves on costs and greatly increases reliability.

The analog inputs are universal and can be used for voltage and current signals as well as for thermocouples. Some versions are capable of RTD connection and are ideal for temperature measurements. Special versions are also available, e.g. for high-level isolation voltages or sampling rates.

LogMessage devices are equipped with a range of internal calculation, monitoring and logic functions that are set up as “software channels”. These channels process online measurement data and make it available for visualization, storage or control purposes.

Independent and secure

Once configured, LogMessage are capable of independent operation and require no PC support. Configuration and measurement data read-out takes place via Ethernet or USB interfaces. LogMessage devices are also capable of transferring online data to a PC. Users can therefore use their LogMessage device as a monitoring device at no extra cost.

LogMessage’s serial ports can be used to connect a modem for remote access, or to connect other hardware for data transfer purposes. Alarm notifications and text messages can be transmitted using a GSM modem.


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