Delphin: Expert Key

expert key hardwareExpert Key devices have been specially developed for PC-based measurement data acquisition and testing technology. The inexpensive systems are made up of Expert Key hardware and ProfiSignal Go which enable users to quickly begin acquiring their measurement data.


All Expert Key devices offer extensive features. The combination of all these functions into one device makes Expert Key unique in the broad field of USB data acquisition technology.

Functions of Expert Key

  • Universal and flexible application
  • 14 or 28 differential analog inputs
  • USB and Ethernet interface in one device
  • Universally usable inputs for thermocouples, RTDs, mV or mA signals
  • High accuracy 18 Bit A/D converter
  • Fast measurement speed (100,000 readings per second)
  • Analog and digital outputs, PWM outputs, counter inputs
  • Full potential isolation
  • Practical: for up to 2,5 mm² lines connecting terminals
  • “Made in Germany” quality

Universal configuration

The Expert devices have full potential isolation in the form of analog differential inputs that users configure according to requirements: for mA/mV and V signals as well as for RTD or thermocouples. These universal options enable simple operation of the device.

Integrated signal conditioning enables any type of sensor to be connected to the plug-in screw terminals. Scaled measurement data is then available to users. Recalculation from mA signal to bar, % etc. is unnecessary.

The analog outputs can be easily switched between current and voltage output.

Digital inputs (status inputs with counters of up to 1MHz) and digital outputs (switch outputs, PWM-outputs) with switch capacities of up to 30W are included within the compact device and can be utilized at no extra cost or effort.

Each channel is easily configured at sampling rates of 100 KHz using the DataService / Configurator software included in delivery. To display your data on the screen, just select the required sensor, measurement range and scaling.

Full potential isolation

The Expert Key provides full potential isolation, a feature that is absent in many low-cost products. The analogs, with 18-bit AD converters, as well as the digitals, are galvanically isolated from the central unit (a modern FPGA) and from the PC interfaces (Ethernet/USB). Earth loops or non-isolated signals therefore present no problems and additional transformers are usually unnecessary.

Highly communicative

As communication interfaces, the device has a USB port for plug and play operation and an Ethernet port for measurement data acquisition across company networks. Fast system set-up and mobile measurement with a laptop and the ProfiSignal Go software are therefore always possible. Fixed installations using cabinet systems are also possible.

Developed for the user

Expert Key devices have been designed and developed according to actual customer requirements and incorporate reliable measurement technology. The devices can be connected to PCs via USB or LAN interfaces.

The standard version provides users with a practical range of functions. Users select the functions that they need.

Expert Key devices are simple to use and the ProfiSignal Go software is highly user friendly. A patented measurement procedure and ease of operation enables users to quickly carry out data acquisition and evaluation without the need for extensive periods of learning and familiarization. Just three steps are required to portray measurement data in trend diagrams. Data is stored continuously to a database. Users will be impressed by the system’s functioning.

Expert Key delivers diversity to measurement data acquisition

As well as ProfiSignal Go, Delphin has other software to meet any user requirement:

Whatever the requirements, Delphin has the matching system: whether for fast system setup, for mobile systems or for fixed installations.

Expert Key delivers added value through its fully inclusive and complete system package. Many software interfaces and drivers are included along with the ProfiSignal Go measurement software. The system is easy to integrate into users existing systems and procedures. Users save costs by not having to invest in additional software. What our customers say: “Measurement technology should always be this simple and reliable!”.

Expert Key applications

  • Mobile and fixed systems for measurement data and process data acquisition
  • Process visualization, analysis, automation
  • Research and development
  • Experiments and product testing
  • Laboratory automation
  • Test engineering and test stand automation
  • Servicing and fault diagnostics

Included in the delivery of Expert Key

  • Expert Key hardware device
  • ProfiSignal Go measurement software
  • Drivers for LabView™ and  DASYLab™
  • Modbus TCP-interface and OPC-Server
  • OCX, .NET programming interface
  • Power supply adapter, USB cable, Quick Start Guide

What do our Customers say about us?

“While skeptical at first, now having switched to Origin I know it will remain my graphing software of choice. Not only does it have an intuitive user interface, but it also has the power to quickly and efficiently complete all of my graphing needs. Origin is the best graphing software available. Period.”

Mr. Kevin Clark, University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign

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We are at a loss to know how to express our admiration….outstandingly good in respects of all aspects of what is on offer from Adept Scientific.

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