Delphin: Data Acquisition for Measuring and Control Technology

Delphin LogoDelphin provides hardware and software solutions for applications in process measuring and control technology.

All Dephin products are developed in-house and to European Standards.

Over 25 years of experience and the requirements of their clients have been transformed into innovative and practical products. Delphin constantly strives for the highest of standards and quality and is certified according to ISO 9001:2000.

Delphin products are typically used for:

  • Industrial measurement data acquisitions
  • Automation of testing benches
  • Vibration monitoring and analysis
  • Remote monitoring of plant and machinery
  • Universal data acquisition applications with intelligent built-in processing
  • Customer tailored solutions (mobile solutions, control cabinets, 19″ racks, etc).

Delphin supplies complete systems, from Expert and Message device hardware through to ProfiSignal software – all developed in-house.

Message devices – modular, practicable, scalable

Message devices are decentralised measurement data acquisition and automation devices in one. They are easily configured via screen dialogues. Their modular design makes them suitable for both large and small numbers of channels. Message devices are equipped with many useful functions and a wide range of I/O modules.

  • Easy linking to PCs via Ethernet interface
  • Utilises your company’s existing intranet and internet
  • Integrated signal conditioning. Choose between RTD, thermocouple, voltage or mA signals for each analogue input
  • Complete potential isolation, no external isolating transformer required
  • Independent, standalone operation – data security through integrated storage capability.

Message devices are already being used in their thousands worldwide.

ProfiSignal – a new generation of software

Testing procedures, trial procedures and processes are simpler to set up than before. ProfiSignal Klicks provides the user with a complete system and significantly shortens lead times from planning through to system launch.

  • Parameter, recipe input.
  • Setting up operating/observing/processing procedures.
  • Measurement data acquisition/evaluation, monitoring.
  • Data service, reporting functions.

From the input of parameters through to the output of reports, you are provided with a complete hardware and software system which only requires configuration. It can be used to replace programs and systems from other suppliers. Using a programming language which requires no learning, program code is generated intuitively at the click of a mouse.


Individually adapted solutions for mobile measurement data acquisition

Delphin also supplies individually produced control cabinets or 19″ measurement data acquisition systems. Each system is produced according to the specific requirements of the client. The measurement data acquisition system in a robust case is very popular. It can be used at your customers’ site or at your own site as a standalone system to acquire measurement data. This data can then be saved or transmitted via a modem. The system’s Message device is equipped with a 1GB data storage capability enabling data to be recorded over long periods of time without any PC support.

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