Delphin Applications: Monitoring

Monitoring appModern processing technology requires the automated acquisition and documentation of process data in order to ensure and provide evidence of the quality of the manufactured output.

Therefore, a monitoring system is necessary. Only then can anomalies in the processing system be detected and rectified in time.

Delphin can provide, in one system, industrial, network based process and measurement data acquisition, vibration measurement and monitoring.

The demands on such a system are two-fold: flexible and adaptable; simple to install and run.

Complex industrial processes can have widely distributed acquisition points and control centres. This should present no problem with today’s level of network technology.

Message devices are equipped with TCP/IP interfaces enabling the easy integration into existing company networks – this means no costly new cabling.

The compact TopMessage devices can be easily installed onto plant and machinery. At just 200mm wide they fit anywhere. Each device has up to 32 analogue inputs and up to 48 binary inputs.

Monitoring app hardwareDelphin’s TopMessage devices demonstrate that an industrial, real-time monitoring system, with a data transfer capability of measurement values, status information and alarms, is possible using existing company networks.

Limit values can be applied to measurement data as well as to values calculated within the device, e.g. pressure or temperature differentials. This is due to the device’s built-in powerful processor and virtual channels enabling a real-time response to an alarm event. Switch outputs enable activation of an alarm and/or protective measures.

TopMessage devices are equipped with both Ethernet interfaces and serial ports for registering alarms. In this way an alarm can be transmitted as an SMS via email or Fax.

The ProfiSignal software records, archives and reports alarms with time and date stamps.

Measurement data is then required to analyse malfunction and alarm events.

Message devices can provide direct transfer of data to a PC/server or storage in the device’s internal storage capability.

In this way pre- and post event measurement data remains available for investigation and evaluation purposes.


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