Delphin Applications: Measurement data acquisition / evaluation

Module basic visualiseDelphin’s measurement data acquisition systems are being used in process and test engineering, including energy production and foodstuffs technology, as well as in research and development. Examples of actual applications are the monitoring of gas turbines, the management of luminaire test stands and vibration monitoring of hydropower turbines.

Delphin’s Message devices can acquire data relating to temperature, pressure, flow, vibration, rotation and any other measurable quantity. Delphin’s ProfiSignal and MHouse software monitors and analyses processes, operates and manages test stands and can provide a remote management capability of plant and machinery.

Delphin provides complete solutions for measurement data acquisition and evaluation. Delphin hardware and software products are supplied from one source. Consultation and planning are included as are system installation and training.

Within testing technology, flexible measurement data acquisition and adaptability to new trial and testing procedures is very important. A control and management function for testing procedures is also usually required. Message devices are equipped with a range of functions to cater for such requirements at no extra cost. The module ProfiSignal Klicks enables the easy input of testing parameters, the user-friendly operation and monitoring of processes and the management of testing procedures.

Delphin has supplied many lamp manufactures and testing agencies with luminaire testing devices, comprised of hard- and software from Delphin. Delphin has immense experience in testing applications.

Message devices – modular, practical, scaleable

Message devices offer decentralised measurement data acquisition and automation in one product. They are easily configured via screen dialogues. Their modular design makes them suitable for both small and large numbers of channels.

  • Easily connected to PCs via Ethernet.
  • Utilises existing intra- and internet networks.
  • Integrated signal conditioning. Choice of RTD, thermo couple, volt or 20mA signal for each analogue input.
  • Full potential isolation meaning no external isolating transformers required.
  • Autonomous – data security provided by integrated data storage capability.
  • Equipped with serial interfaces enabling direct linking to modems, weighing machines, large displays etc.
  • Monitoring and analysis of bearing and shaft vibrations.

Applications range from simple process data acquisition through to the monitoring and analysis of dynamic vibrations.

A special feature is the Message device’s full potential isolation. This eliminates any risk of earth loops which can lead to errors in measurement data recording.

The device’s compact industrial grade design with detachable clamps and rail mountings means easy installation anywhere. The internal 1GB data logger means data cannot be lost, even in the event of PC or network failure. Many of the control and monitoring functions can run independently within the device itself.

ProfiSignal – limitless evaluation capability

ProfiSignal Basic software makes measurement data acquisition and analysis easier than it has ever been before.

ProfiSignal Basic is the successor software to the tried and tested Basic package. All the experience of its predecessor has gone into producing a system which provides innovative solutions meeting virtually any requirement.

High performance – practical functions

ProfiSignal Basic is structured according to function blocks. A new type of data service provides exceptional performance. Huge amounts of data spanning large time periods can be processed extremely quickly on a PC or network server.

Delphin Technology: Visualisation ProfiSignal Basic

Measurement data can be acquired locally, directly at the site of plant or machinery. It can then be transmitted via networks and saved at a PC or network server. Access to the data then takes place via PCs.

Easy access to data

New types of recorder objects enable easy access to the exact data required for a particular evaluation. It is irrespective of whether the process in question is continuous or non-continuous. Depending on requirements, data can be accessed relating to process, vibration or operation.

Online and offline evaluation – worldwide

ProfiSignal Basic does not make any distinction between on- or offline evaluation. Any time scale, from current or historical measurement data, can be instantly accessed and represented in a diagram. Evaluation can be performed from any PC within the intra- or internet.

Highest data security

The Message devices’ internal storage capability enables independent data storage parallel to the data service. This eliminates the possibility of any data loss occurring.

Range of applications for Message devices and ProfiSignal software

  • Data logger for measurement data in air-conditioning technology.
  • Measurement data acquisition from gas turbines with data transfer via modems.
  • Measurement data analysis for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.
  • Uninterrupted acquisition of production measurement data for quality assurance.
  • Recording and accounting of energy requirements for a production data acquisition system.
  • Measurement of pressures, weights and pH values in a pharmaceutical research laboratory.
  • Extremely precise temperature measurement for air flows in buildings and models.
  • Acquisition and monitoring of pharmaceutical production parameters in accordance with FDA21CFR part11.
  • Uninterrupted measurement of bearing vibrations or relative shaft vibrations in compressors, gas turbines, water turbines, power trains and transmissions.
  • Link to a control system and the parallel, fast acquisition of power plant data for damage analysis.

Specific solutions for mobile measurement data acquisition

Delphin can also supply individually produced, made-to-fit switch cabinets or 19″ measurement data acquisition systems. Each system is produced exactly according to the needs and requirements of each individual client.

Measurement data acquisition system in a 19″ case

The mobile measurement data acquisition system in a robust aluminium case is particularly popular. It offers a standalone system for the on-site acquisition of measurement data. The data can then be saved or transmitted via a modem. Message devices are equipped with a 1GB data storage capability meaning that measurement data can be recorded over long periods of time.

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