Intel® VTune™ Profiler

Performance Profiler

  • Create faster code: Get accurate data, low overhead.
  • Get more data: CPU, GPU, FPU, threading, memory, and more.
  • Get fast answers: Easy analysis turns data into insights.
  • Take advantage of Priority Support―connect privately with Intel engineers for technical questions.


“Hotspot” analysis identifies where your application is spending a lot of time.  Tuning these hotspots will have the biggest impact on overall performance. It also details threading performance, showing the common causes of poor performance such as imbalance and lock contention.


Modern Processor Performance Analysis

Performance on modern processors requires much more than optimizing single thread performance. High-performing code must be:

  • Threaded and scalable to utilize multiple CPUs
  • Vectorized for efficient use of multiple FPUs
  • Tuned to take advantage of non-uniform memory architectures and caches

Performance optimization can be difficult, but the performance profiling tool you use shouldn’t be.

Versatile – Rich Set of Performance Profiles
Whether you are tuning for the first time or doing advanced performance optimization, VTune Profiler provides the data needed to meet a wide variety of tuning needs. Collect a rich set of performance data for hotspots, threading, locks & waits, bandwidth and more.

Productive – Sort, Filter and Visualize
Good data is not enough. You need tools to mine the data and make it easy to understand. Powerful analysis lets you sort, filter and visualize results on the timeline and on your source.


“We achieved a significant improvement (almost 2x) even on one core by optimizing the code based on the information provided by Intel® VTune™ Profiler XE. Good scalability is a result of usage of combination of Intel® TBB and OpenMP parallelization techniques. We achieved over 8x the performance of the previous version on 8 cores and almost 11x the performance on 16 cores.”
Alexey Andrianov, R&D Director Deputy, Mechanical Analysis Division, Mentor Graphics Corporation

“Intel® VTune™ Profiler XE analyzes complex code and helps us identify bottlenecks rapidly. By using it and other Intel® Software Development Tools, we were able to improve PIPESIM performance up to 10 times compared with the previous software version.”
Rodney Lessard, Senior Scientist, Schlumberger

“The new VTune™ Profiler XE brings even more capability to an already indispensable tool. The sampling based call stack hotspots is excellent and alone is worthy of the upgrade. We have also been impressed by how the concurrency and Locks and Waits analysis can even provide useful data on complex applications such as Premiere Pro.”
Rich Gerber – Engineering Manager, MediaCore, Adobe Systems Inc.

“The new interface is a joy to use. Intel® VTune Profiler XE gives us precise, down-to-the-metal performance data that’s invaluable for pinpointing hotspots and evaluating the effect of optimizations”
Daniel Schwarz, Performance Engineer, Nik Software

“Intel® VTune™ Profiler XE’s timeline is very information intensive.  It organizes the data I need to tune threaded applications.”
Sergey Zaritchny, Software Development Manager, Open Cascade SAS

“Last week, Intel® VTune™ Profiler XE helped us find almost 3X performance improvement.  This week it helped us improve the performance another 3X.”
Claire Cates, Principal Developer, SAS Institute Inc.

“One of Intel® VTune™ Profiler XE’s best features is that it is easy to use.  I did not need to read the documentation.”
Richard Shepherd, Software Engineer, ESRI (UK) Limited

What’s New in 2020?

• Memory Analysis. Design and optimize for Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory.
• Platform Profiler. Get a faster, better display of system metrics.
• I/O Analysis. PCIe* device metrics
• HPC Analysis. Vectorization metrics, process and thread affinity, and Lustre* parallel file I/O metrics (preview feature)
• Snapshot. Communication pattern diagnosis and Open MPI*
• GPU and OpenCL™ Application Analysis. Inline filer and instruction count
• Linux*. More analysis types enabled without adding drivers.
• Performance Analysis Cookbooks.User-friendly recipes.
• Improved user interface. New user? Take an overlay tour.
• More descriptive name (formerly Intel® VTune™ Amplifier).

Specs at a Glance

Processors Intel® and compatible processors and coprocessors including Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors.
Languages C, C++, C#, Fortran, Java*, Python*, Go*, assembly, and more.
Compilers Works with compilers from Microsoft, GCC, Intel and others that follow standards.
Development Environments Integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio* or runs standalone.
Host Operating Systems Windows*, Linux* and macOS* (optional download1)
Target Operating Systems Windows*, Linux*, FreeBSD*, Android*, Tizen*, Wind River Linux* and Yocto Project* (additional targets downloaded separately)
Basic Threading Analysis
Full threading information
OpenMP*, Intel® Threading Building Blocks, and native threads.
Extended Threading Performance Analysis OpenMP* and Intel Threading Building Blocks
MPI parallelism Integration with Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector MPI profiler
GPU OpenCL and media application tuning on newer Intel processors.

For complete information, see the documentation and release notes.

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