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Find Performance Problems Before Launch

Advanced debug, trace, and analysis features help you develop your IoT solutions or embedded applications. This suite is ideal for high-demand processing including image, machine learning, storage, communications, and transportation usages.

  •  Debug, trace, and tune performance in your IoT application.
  • Leverage a fully integrated development environment (IDE) for efficient and reliable optimization.
  • Quickly target and resolve defects in complex systems.
  • Hasten the delivery of energy-efficient, smart, and connected devices.
  • Accelerate time to market embedded applications and for systems based on Intel® architecture.

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iss-iconsIntel System Studio is a comprehensive and integrated tool suite that provides developers with advanced system tools and technologies to help accelerate the delivery of the next generation power efficient, high performance, and reliable embedded and mobile devices.

Intel System Studio 2014 now allows you to develop for embedded & mobile Android* and Tizen* IVI systems, added cross development from Windows* hosts, and provides expanded JTAG debug support for all IA platforms. The new agent based UEFI debug helps the system developers to accelerate time-to-market and strengthen reliability of these increasingly complex embedded and mobile systems. Eclipse* integration and cross-build capabilities allows for faster system development with Intel System Studio

Intel System Studio includes the components listed below:

Component Description
Intel® VTune™ Amplifier for Systems Advanced CPU and System-on-Chip (SoC) performance profiling and tuning
Intel® Energy Profiler Advanced GPGPU and System-on-Chip (SoC) power profiling and tuning
Intel® System Analyzer Real-time system-level performance analysis with CPU and GPU metrics for Android* targets
Intel® JTAG Debugger System debugger for in-depth SoC platform insights, featuring low overhead event tracing, logging, source level debug of EFI/UEFI firmware via JTAG and EDKII debug agent, bootloader, OS kernel, and drivers
GDB* Debugger Software debugger for fast application level defect analysis for increased system stability, application level instruction trace, and data race detection
Intel® Inspector for Systems Dynamic and static analyzer identifies difficult to find memory and threading errors to ensure functional reliability
Intel® C++ Compiler Industry- leading C/C++ compiler including the Intel® Cilk™ Plus parallel model for highly optimized performance. Binary and source compatible with GCC* compilers and cross-compilers
Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives Extensive library of high-performance software building blocks for signal, data, and multimedia processing
Intel® Math Kernel Library Highly optimized linear algebra, Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) , vector math, and statistics functions
System Visible Event Nexus (SVEN) 1.0 Technology Ultra-low overhead event tracing


What’s New within Intel System Sutdion 2017
We’ve updated all of the components within the suite. Here are a few highlights.

  • Improved architecture tuning and graphics engine offload
  • New deep neural Networks (DNN) primitives
  • Profiling for Python* applications
  • BoosExpanded data reports and new subsystem analysis to pinpoint performance bottlenecksting system-wide performance with the latest architectural enhancements
  • Expanded data reports and new subsystem analysis to pinpoint performance bottlenecks

Intel System Studio development tools combined with Intel Quark, Intel Atom™, Intel Core™ and Intel Xeon processor platforms provides developers added value and competitive edge in delivering robust embedded and mobile platform solutions across a wide range of markets.

Customer quotes:
“Intel® Inspector [part of Intel® System Studio] has a very intuitive user interface that helped me find both memory errors like leaks and data access errors along with threading errors like data races in one package” Ashley Driver, Solutions and Application Architect, Altech Multimedia

“Wind River is excited about the release of Intel® System Studio which includes support for the Wind River Linux operating system”, said Dinyar Dastoor, VP Product Management, Operating Environments at Wind River. “Providing deep insights into Intel Architecture, these tools help embedded and system developers rapidly implement Wind River Linux solutions that are reliable, responsive and power efficient.”

“The Intel® C++ Compiler provided right out of the box a 15% performance boost for our HEVC solution on Android* and Linux* based systems.”
Suresh Babu P V, Founder & Engineering Director, Squid Design Systems


Power Optimization and Efficiency
Intel® Energy Profiler – Power Profiler

  • Provides in-depth SoC wide visibility of events and analysis of CPU and GPU activities
  • Identifies wake-up causes, timers triggered by application, and interrupts mapped to hardware interrupt level
  • Displays CPU core frequencies and events that wake-up the processor at the source code level
  • SoC Watch for Andoid* monitors power states, frequencies, and wakeup metrics that provide insight into the system’s energy efficiency.
  • WakeUp Watch for Android* traces and monitors system power states from the command line.


System Performance Optimization
Intel® VTune™ Amplifier for Systems – Performance Profiler

  • Analyzes system and SoC events
  • Displays hardware events with call stacks. Provides lower overhead sampling, and finds hot spots in small functions
  • Provides statistical call counts for better data for in-lining and parallelization decisions
  • Shows results in source or assembly, no instrumentation required



System and Application Debuggers
Intel® JTAG Debugger and GDB* Debugger

  • Agent based EFI/UEFI debug
  • Advanced system and application level debuggers for fast issue detection
  • In-depth CPU, SoC, and chipset debug, with full register description
  • Source level debug of OS kernel software, BIOS, UEFI, firmware and drivers
  • Support for the complete range of Intel® architecture based processors.
  • Ultra-fast software event tracing infrastructure
  • Enhanced GDB*-based application debugger


Improve Code Reliability
Intel® Inspector – Dynamic and Static Analysis 

  • Pinpoints crucial memory and threading coding defects
  • Quickly finds memory leaks, invalid access, plus data races and deadlocks
  • Executes fast and effective static and heap growth analysis to expose critical defects
  • Supports remote data collection, debugger breakpoints, and break on selected errors


Performance-Optimizing Compiler

Intel® C/C++ Compiler

  • Industry leading high-performance  Intel® C++ Compiler and libraries delivers the performance and scalability benefits of Intel processors
  • Generates faster code through outstanding speed optimizations
  • Enables shortest execution times for developing low-power applications
  • Includes Intel® Cilk™ Plus to easily utilize performance boosting multicore capabilities
  • Supports GNU* cross-build, integration into Eclipse* CDT, and Yocto Project* Application Development Toolkit


Highly Optimized Algorithmic Building Blocks for Signal. Media and Data Applications

Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives

  • Provides an extensive library of highly optimized software building blocks for demanding signal, data and multimedia processing applications
  • Includes optimizations for accelerated LTE processing.


Highly Optimized Math Processing Routines

Intel® Math Kernel Library

  • Includes highly vectorized and threaded Linear Algebra, Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT), Vector Math and statistics functions
  • Provides highly optimized threaded math routines for Intel® Atom™, Intel® Core™ and Intel® Xeon® processors











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