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Using Measurement Computing Hardware with DASYLab 10.0
A Using Measurement Computing Hardware with DasyLAB 10.0 Before installing DasyLAB, it is essential that an up to date version of Instacal is installed. You can download a recent version of Instacal here: ftp://ftp.measurementcomputing.com/downloads/InstaCal/ Run Instacal, and check that your hardwa....

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Does DASYLab support Modbus over TCP?
6 Support for Modbus over TCP was introduced with DASYLab 11.01 (Service Pack 1), but in order to activate all of the latest functionality of the Modbus modules, DASYLab Service Pack 2 is required. DASYLab versions 9 and 10 include support for Modbus over serial (RS-232) only. Service Pack 2 can be ....

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Using the DASYLab FFT Module - Selecting the Frequency Range and Resolution
Some tips on getting started with the FFT Module (Modules -> Signal Analysis) The FFT module (Modules -> Signal Analysis) provides various FFT functions to calculate and analyze the spectrum of a signal. The FFT module is capable of several different types of analysis, which can be selected within ....

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"Sample Rate too fast" error in DASYLab
1) Remove any Chart Recorder modules and replace them with Y/t chart modules. The Chart Recorder is not designed for high speed operation. 2) Open Experiment Setup (from the Experiment menu). Increase the block size. 3) Open Experiment Setup. Increase the Driver buffer to the largest available siz....

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