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Posting Multiple Databases using Reference Web Poster
Is it possible to split databases being posted into separate sections? (i.e. by topic) No, Reference Web Poster can post up to 10 databases on the same server, but you cannot section databases. At this time, the only way to section or view databases separately is to purchase additional copies of ....

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Is Reference Web Poster available for the Macintosh?
At this time (June 2000) there are no plans to make Reference Web Poster available for the Macintosh. ReferenceWebPoster 1.1 en....

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Is Reference Web Poster compatible with Apache Web Server for Windows?
Is Reference Web Poster compatible with Apache Web Server for Windows? ISI ResearchSoft do not support Apache Web Server at the time of this posting however some users have reported being successful in getting this combination to work. ReferenceWebPoster 1.0 en....

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Why should paragraph returns not be put into the title field of a record
Formatting is the main reason not to type marks such as paragraph returns in the title field. The output styles are meant to handle all of the formatting, and adding forced returns may give unexpected results when formatted with an output style. Also, if you post a database that has such formatti....

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Does Reference Web Poster need to be installed on a server or on each machine that wishes to use it?
This product needs to be installed onto the system that is your WebServer. If Reference Web Poster is not installed to a WebServer, then it will not function correctly. ReferenceWebPoster all en....

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