Vissim trial expiry message

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
Category: Mathematics and Simulation > VisSim
Version: Vis 4
Article Ref.: EC42
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VisSim EC42 If you receive a message saying that your trial period has expired, and you are not using a trial version, the message will disappear shortly. In addition to the main VisSim application, the VisSim installation program also installs a complement of various add-on modules (for users to evaluate on a trial basis). Although you would get the message notifying you that you had "0 days remaining from [your] 14 day trial" if the main VisSim application had indeed reverted to trial, this same message would also be displayed if the trial versions of any of the associated add-on modules had simply counted down to its "notification" period (i.e. when warning messages display the number of days remaining in its trial period). Unfortunately, the warning messages aren't explicit enough in differentiating between the two situations. (Engineering has since corrected this problem for the next release). A definitive method to determine if the main VisSim application itself has reverted to trial mode is to check the VisSim header bar before loading any models. If it displays "Trial (or Demo) VisSim/PE - Diagram 1" when initially loaded, then VisSim has indeed reverted to trial/demo mode. If the header bar displays only "VisSim/PE - Diagram 1", then your copy of VisSim for Mathcad is still fully activated, and it is an add-on whose trial period is about to time out. Once the add-on trial period fully times out, the warning messages should no longer be displayed. VisSim Vis 4 en

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