*Frequently asked FLEXlm questions and useful information about the way in which FLEXlm manages licenses.

Last Modified: 7th May 2013
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Version: 2001i 11
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Mathcad E3D2 Find answers to frequently asked questions regarding FLEXlm license management. A. About FLEXlm What version of FLEXlm does MathSoft provide? MathSoft currently ships version 8.1a of the FLEXlm license manager. On what operating systems can I run FLEXlm? You may only serve Mathcad licenses from a server running a Windows OS (98/NT4.0/2000/XP). As part of the license management package, you will receive a Windows-only vendor daemon, named mathsoft.exe. Without this daemon, Mathcad will not run. I already own FLEXlm. Do I need to install the version on the Mathcad CD? In order to use a license-managed version of Mathcad, you must have version 8.1a or higher of FLEXlm for Windows; the vendor daemon (mathsoft.exe) will not work with a previous version. Even if you have already installed this version, you will need to install FLEXlm from the Mathcad CD, in order to install the vendor daemon. Once the FLEXlm install in completed, you can copy the vendor daemon to your existing FLEXlm installation, and then uninstall the unused copy of FLEXlm. How do I install FLEXlm? The FLEXlm install is part of the Mathcad install. You will be taken to the FLEXlm install automatically when you install Mathcad. How do I uninstall FLEXlm? If you need to uninstall FLEXlm for any reason: 1. Start the FLEXlm license server software (lmtools.exe). 2. On the Start/Stop/Reread tab, click the Stop Server button. Failure to do so will leave the License Manager service running. 3. Close the license server. 4. Open the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel, select FLEXlm, and click Change/Remove to uninstall the program. While we understand that it may be necessary to on occasion uninstall FLEXlm, it must be installed and running in order to use Mathcad. B. Licenses Will I be able to run Mathcad without a license file? If you purchased a network copy of Mathcad, you will not be able to use it without a license file. I received two files from MathSoft. Do I need both? Mathcad requires either one or two license files, depending on the type of license you purchased for Mathcad. If you purchased a concurrent, or floating, license, you will only need one file, named license.dat. If you purchased a non-concurrent, or node-locked, license, you will need an additional file, named mathsoft.opt, specifying the particular clients to which usage is restricted. How do I run Mathcad when I'm not connected to the license server? If you purchased a non-concurrent license of Mathcad, you can "borrow" a license from the license server for up to two years. This license will be "checked out" until it expires, and will reduce the pool of available licenses even if Mathcad is not in use. Borrowing a license for Mathcad will also result in your borrowing a license for any Extension Pack you are allowed to use. You cannot borrow a license if you have a server-based shared install, since network access is required to run Mathcad. To borrow a license: 1. Connect to the license server. 2. Run the FLEXlm license server software (lmtools.exe) 3. Go to the Borrowing tab. 4. In the Vendor field, type mathsoft. 5. Specify a Return Date in the format dd-mmm-yyyy; for example, type 01-jul-2002 for a license expiring on July 1, 2002. 6. Optionally, you may specify a Return Time in the format hh:mm; for example, type 14:00 for a license expiring at 2 PM. If no time is specified, the license will expire at midnight on the date specified. 7. Click Set Borrow Expiration. 8. Launch Mathcad. 9. Close Mathcad. This will check out the license. 10. Click Don't Borrow Anymore Today to end the borrowing process. 11. Close the license server (lmtools.exe). 12. Disconnect from the network. A dialog box may appear, saying that the FLEXlm server is no longer available. Click OK to dismiss the dialog. 13. Restart Mathcad; you will now be using the borrowed license. My borrowed license expired. How do I reconnect to the server? If Mathcad is running when your license expires, you will see between one and four dialogs informing you that your license has expired. (There will be one dialog for each licensed product, including the extension packs.) Dismiss one of the dialogs; the remainder will disappear and Mathcad will close. Reconnect to the server, and Mathcad will run normally. If Mathcad is not running when your license expires, you will be prompted for the name of your license server the next time you start Mathcad without being connected to the license server. Click Cancel. Reconnect to the server, and Mathcad will run normally. Can I return a borrowed license? FLEXlm does not allow you to "check in" a borrowed license when you finish using it. As a result, we advise you to take special care when setting expiration dates. Can I be connected to my network while using a borrowed license? Yes. You will still run Mathcad using the borrowed license, even when connected to your network. However, no one else will be able to use your license when your workstation is turned off. Do Mathcad licenses expire? The Mathcad product is licensed on a perpetual basis to both corporations and educational institutions, providing indefinite product use. However, if you are currently holding a maintenance plan, you are covered for a 12-month period. I purchased a 50-seat license for Mathcad, but only a 25-seat license for an Extension Pack. How can I restrict access to the Extension Pack to certain users? If you want to restrict usage of the Extension Pack functions to certain workstations, you may do so by using the RESERVE or EXCLUDE keywords in an option file. For example: EXCLUDE improc HOST Client3 In this case, the workstation Client3 will not be able to obtain a license for the Image Processing Extension Pack. RESERVE wavelets HOST Client4 This would reserve a Wavelets Extension Pack license for Client4, regardless of whether the workstation is on or not. No other workstation could use this license. How can I tell if I don't have enough licenses? If your users complain about not being able to run Mathcad, you may need to purchase more licenses. To confirm that this is indeed the case (and that you are not experiencing another problem) you have two options: Examine the log file (mathsoft.log). The log file location is specified in the license administration software (lmtools.exe), on the Configure Services tab. Configure FLEXlm to output a report file. This is a binary-format file that can only be read by SAMreport, a tool published by GLOBEtrotter Software. MathSoft does not distribute SAMreport. Who should I contact if I need more licenses? You should contact your Account Manager. C. Other Questions I received an email from MathSoft asking me for an IP address. Why is this necessary? Prior to shipping Service Release 1 of Mathcad 2001i, MathSoft sent current Maintenance customers an email asking for the IP address of their license server. This IP address is necessary to generate the license file Mathcad needs in order to execute. New purchasers of network versions of Mathcad are asked for their server's IP address so that a license file can be generated at the time of the sale. How do I determine my server's IP address? If your server is running Windows 2000 or XP: Open your Local Area Connection from the Start menu. (Start ? Settings ? Control Panel ? Network and Dial-up Connections ?Local Area Connection.) Click Properties. Choose "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" Click Properties. Copy the number in the IP address field. If there is no number in the IP address field, and "Obtain an IP address automatically" is selected, the computer is using DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), and cannot be used as a license server. If your server is running Windows 98 or NT 4.0: Right-click on Network Neighborhood (found on the Desktop). On the Configuration tab, choose the TCP/IP protocol corresponding to the network adapter you use, which should look something like: TCP/IP -> 3Com Fast Etherlink XL 10/100Mb TX Ethernet Adapter Click Properties. Copy the number in the IP Address field. If there is no number in the IP Address field, and "Obtain an IP address automatically" is selected, the computer is using DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), and cannot be used as a license server. Why can I not specify a server running DHCP? When we generate the license file, the IP address is used to generate your license key. If your server is running DHCP, this IP address can change, making the key invalid. My computer was replaced. Do I need a new license file? If you purchased a concurrent license for Mathcad, your license is checked out from a common pool. No updating is necessary. If you purchased a non-concurrent, or node-locked, license, your license administrator must update mathsoft.opt with your new computer name. I was told to edit mathsoft.opt. How do I do this? Mathsoft.opt is a user-editable text file. To edit the file, open it in a text editor such as Notepad; the file should look something like: INCLUDE mathcad HOST Client1 INCLUDE mathcad HOST Client2 INCLUDE mathcad HOST Client3 - where mathcad is the product FLEXlm is license managing, and Client1 is the computer to which Mathcad use is restricted. When you receive your copy of mathsoft.opt, you will need to add a line for each of the computers to which you are restricting usage. If you purchased the Image Processing, Signal Processing, or Wavelets Extension Packs, you will need to include them in the list as well (as improc, signal, and wavelets, respectively). Once you finish this initial editing, you should only need to edit mathsoft.opt when changing the name of a client computer or when you purchase additional seats from us. To change clients, select the name of the computer to which you are denying access, and replace it with the name of the computer to which you want to enable access. The client name is case sensitive. When finished, the list should look something like: INCLUDE mathcad HOST Client1 INCLUDE mathcad HOST Client2 INCLUD

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