What is the Galaxy view?

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
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RefViz D7D6 The Galaxy visualization is an interactive framework that lets you explore thematic relationships in your reference collection. In this visualization, each point '' represents a single reference and each paper icon '' represents a group of references. The Galaxy view is a proximity map; the result of multidimensional comparisons to calculate similarities amongst references and principle components analysis to present them in a two dimensional view. Hence, it is not a typical X-Y scatter-plot in which moving along one axis means increasing or decreasing a single value. References and groups located near each other in the visualization are similar in content and unrelated references are spaced farther apart. Thus, it is possible to understand, at a glance, how every reference is related conceptually to every other reference in the set. This organization also results in a logical flow of the information contained in the reference set making it easy to learn the main concepts discussed in the database and focus on areas of interest. All RefViz All All en

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