What happens to my existing data when I upgrade to Quality Analyst 6.1

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
Category: Quality Control and Management > Quality Analyst
Platform: Windows 2000 Windows XP
Version: 6.1
Article Ref.: D62A
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Quality Analyst D62A Upgrading to Quality Analyst 6.1 One of the most commonly asked questions by users who are considering upgrading to Quality Analyst 6.1 is "What will happen to my existing data?". The good news is that your older datafiles are automatically converted into the new Quality Analyst 6.1 format when you first open them within the Quality Analyst application without any additional work on your part. Opening a Quality Analyst 5.1 or 5,2 Data Set in Quality Analyst 6.1 automatically creates an XML-structured Header file with the file-name extension ".NWH" from the older, this replaces the ".HED" file format used in earlier versions. This allows you to use your existing data with all of the new functions within Quality Analyst 6.1 such as Assignable Cause/Corrective Action, an updated graphics viewer, external specifications database and rainbow charts. Although we recommend that everyone uses the same version of Quality Analyst it is still possible to share files with users of Quality Analyst 5.2 using the File, "Save as Quality Analyst 5.2 HED File" option. Other enhancements in Quality Analyst 6.1 include: * Full support for Universal Naming Convention (UNC) and long path names which eliminates the need for mapped drives and simplifies setup in any network environment. * Improved Run Charts - Plot up to eight variables and full x-axis labeling for improved multivariable graphing. * Improved database denormalization - Helps with the complex task of denormalization during database connectivity. * Improved numeric formatting - Specifications maintain significant digits and you have more control over the format of statistical results. * Data set limit increased to 500 columns - Larger data sets better support data-rich environments such as multicavity injection molding, electronic assembly, and multiplant studies. * Supports Unicode (double-byte text) - Internationalized text and symbol handling now supports Asian characters and other non-ASCII languages in data, chart labels, and text-based reports. * Stability analysis regression - Supports food and drug stability studies. Product Information QualityAnalyst Windows 2000 6.1 en

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