Connecting to the British Library with ProCite

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
Category: Bibliography > ProCite
Platform: Win 95 Win 98 Win NT Win ME Win 2000 Win XP
Version: 5
Article Ref.: D13E
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ProCite D13E How do I connect to the British Library with ProCite? A. Ensure that ProCite is closed. ** You will need to overwrite your existing BkwAPI.z39 file which is already present in the BkwAPI folder. If you have created your own connections within ProCite then please backup your existing version of this file ** B. Save the two attached files to C:\Program Files\ProCite5\BkwrApi C. You should now see British Library as an available host when you launch ProCite and perform an Internet Search Internet searching. ProCite Win 95 5 en Configuration File

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