When using a PMD1208LS device do I need to connect all Analogue GND's (3,6,9,12), as well as Port A GND (29), Port B GND (40), Pin 31 GND and Analogue Out GND (15)?

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
Category: Data Acquisition > USB
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USB C8F2 You do not need to connect all the analog ground pins. Each analog ground pin is connected to the same place internally. There is only one unique ground on the PMD-1208LS. There are not separate analog and digital grounds. (This is not true of some other devices, for example the PMD-1208FS.) Hence, at a bare minimum, you need to connect only one wire to ground (any pin.) If you are sinking or sourcing significant currents, for example using the analog outputs, it would be advisable to use more than one ground pin. USB All en

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