Universal Library for Vee updated support for 0-4 V range (PMD1208FS Analog Output.)

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
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UL for VEE BDBA UL for Vee updated support for 0-4 V range (PMD1208FS Analog Output.) Warning! This is not an official release. It was created by an MCC Application Engineer and has not been through the normal validation procedures. The attached patch adds the following additional ranges to the UL for VEE. These ranges appear at the bottom of the drop down list A/D : BIP20VOLTS, BIP4VOLTS, BIP2VOLTS D/A : UNI4VOLTS Installation Instructions ---------------------------- Please place the contents of VEE patch.Zip in the installation directory for the UL for VEE. The default directory/folder for this is: c:\Program files\Agilent\Vee Pro X\cb The patch consists the following added ranges, which are available on some of the USB DAQ products from MCC.: ( "+/- 20 VOLTS" 26) ( "+/- 4 VOLTS" 27) ( "+/- 2 VOLTS" 28) ( "0 - 4 VOLTS" 29) Please note that these added ranges are at the END of the list due to the way the software tables were originally designed. If any problems are discovered with this patch please let Applications Engineering know. Email techsupport@mccdaq.com. All USB All en All

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