How do I run RefViz v1 for Mac with ProCite v5 for Mac?

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
Category: Bibliography > RefViz
Platform: OS 8.x OS 9.x
Version: 5
Article Ref.: AAC6
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ProCite AAC6 Please Note: ProCite v5 for Mac runs on OS 7.5.5 or later (Classic mode in OS X) RefViz v1 for Mac currently runs on OS X only. To use these together you need to have RefViz running under OS X with ProCite 5 running under Classic. Moving references from ProCite to RefViz RefViz is able create a view by importing the RIS format. We suggest using the RIS OutPut Style in ProCite to create a text file in the RIS format. RefViz will be able to create view by opening the RIS text file. To Export RefViz data into ProCite 5 (Classic), please try the following: While in RefViz, select the RefViz menu and choose Preferences. In the Preferences window select Helper Applications. In the Helper Applications window, select the button with the three little dots next to the Location of Bibliography Manager Window and browse for and select the ProCite 5 application file located in the ProCite folder under the OS 9 Applications. (if Procite is on another partition that you cannot see go up to the highest level and search for a folder called volumes. This will let you navigate to your aother partitions.) Close the preferences window. Now when you want to export data from RefViz into ProCite while in RefViz, select File -> Send to References -> Bibliography Manager. It may take a couple of minutes before ProCite is opened and the RIS formatted file opens in the ProCite Transfer window. Once in the Transfer window, select tagged as the File type and choose the RIS as the File Format. You should be able to select the Transfer button to transfer the files into the Target ProCite database. Working with Records RefViz OS 8.x 5 en OS-Mac

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