How can I plot values of different intervals on the same axis with a single scale?

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
Category: Mathematics and Simulation > Axum
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Version: 7
Article Ref.: A8F6
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Axum A8F6 Plotting inconsistent data To overlay plots which have different intervals between the data points you have to create two plots, overlay them and then alter the range of the X and Y axis so that they match. This can be achieved as follows: A. Select the first data column to be plotted ensuring that you select all of the columns with data of the same interval. (Tip: Hold down the Ctrl key to select individual columns). B. Create a 2D Line with scatter plot C. Next, select the columns which have been measured at a different interval taking care not to include the columns that were selected in step (3). D. Create a 2D Line with scatter plot E. Move the first graph onto the second graph and align the two plots by clicking on Format > Arrange Graphs > Overlaid F. In Object Explorer, select one of the graphs X-axis and change the Range from Auto / Auto to the appropriate range e.g. 0 to 24 and similarly for the X-axis on the second graph you have created. G. In Object Explorer, select one of the graphs Y-axis and change the Range from Auto / Auto to the appropriate scale and similarly for the Y-axis on the other graph. (Tip: the Object Explorer can also be used to change other aspects of the plot e.g. labels on the axes). The above example assumes that you have a single dataset which contains data measured at two different intervals, however the above procedure could also be applied to a dataset containing three or more different measurement intervals e.g. three columns of measurements where the data intervals are set to a different number of hours for each. Creating plots Axum All 7 en Plot

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