After pasting in a structure from ChemDraw, the model does not look correct and/or I receive warnings in the Messages window.

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
Category: Laboratory Applications > Chem3D
Version: All
Article Ref.: A88A
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Chem3D A88A Models appear incorrectly when pasted from ChemDraw. Chem3D builds models according to the atom types defined in the Atom Types table. If an atom type is not defined, Chem3D will make a guess at the closest atom type available in the Atom Types table. You need to define missing atom types. See the Chem3D manual on creating new atom types. You may also want to adjust the Building Preferences. Open the Chem3D Preferences (consult your Chem3D manual for the location of the Preferences dialogue box for your version of Chem3D) and try turning off the Apply Standard Measurements and/or the Correct Atom Types Building Preferences. After doing this, try pasting in your ChemDraw structure. Unexpected behaviour Chem3D All en Display

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