How can I fine tune the group assignments based on my own expertise?

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
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RefViz A676 RefViz uses mathematical algorithms to create an unbiased overview of the major themes and relationships in a set of documents. This unbiased approach can lead to discoveries that might be missed with a user-directed analysis. Once you have considered this initial overview, you may want to apply your own set of rules for grouping the references. Often it is useful to modify the set of rules for purposes of comparison, as part of the process of removing irrelevant documents, or to demote keywords that obscure the concepts that you prefer to explore. Use the Promote and Demote options provided in the Keyword Tool to assign new terms for creating groups. Highlight one or more terms in the Primary or Secondary lists to activate the Demote button. Use this button to downgrade term(s) from Primary or Secondary importance to Other Descriptive Terms status. Highlight a term in either the Secondary or Other Descriptive term list to activate the Promote button. Use this button to increase term influence in group memberships. The Keywords tool will not update with new selections until the View is reprocessed; therefore, it is most efficient to select all groups and references in your visualization prior to changing the priority of terms in the lists. Note, also, that small changes, such as changing a synonym, moving a keyword, or even removing one reference, can have a visible effect on the overall appearance of the Galaxy. However, the group membership and basic relationships are largely preserved. All RefViz All All en Y

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