Configuring ProCite v5 for searching the BIDS IBSS database

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
Category: Bibliography > ProCite
Platform: OS 9.x Win 98 Win NT Win ME Win 2000 Win XP
Version: 5
Article Ref.: A5AA
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ProCite A5AA Download the attached Bids IBSS.cfg file and save it into the ProCite\BkwrApi folder In ProCite go to Tools -> Internet Search -> Hosts -> Configure Hosts -> New Host Fill out the required fields as set out below Host Name: BIDS IBSS Domain Name or IP Address: Port Number: 210 Remember to tick and enter your username and password. Click ok. A database properties window should open like the one below fill in the required fields as set out. Database Name: IBSS Description: BIDS IBSS Record Type: SUTRS Format: Bids IBSS The required field names and values are: Title 4 Author 1003 Any Field 1016 Pub. Date 31 It is not mandatory to fill in the fields for Rel, Pos, Struct, Trunk and Comp. Click OK -> OK -> OK. Make sure the box for BIDS IBSS is checked and you are now ready to search. Searching etc. ProCite OS 9.x 5 en OS-Mac

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