What was fixed in Release 2 for Axum 6?

Last Modified: 20th Jan 2014
Category: Mathematics and Simulation > Axum
Platform: Windows 3.x Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT 4.0 Windows 2000
Version: 6
Article Ref.: 9612
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Axum 9612 Axum 6 - Release 2. Information about updates. Why should I install this update? The items fixed in Axum 6.0R2 fall into the following broad categories: - S-PLUS Database - Dates - Graphics - Data Manipulation - Import/Export - Object Explorer/Workspace - Statistics S-PLUS DATABASE The "Error: Unable to create summary in summary file" should now occur much less frequently. Many of the conditions that could lead to that error have now been corrected. Running 'For()' in S-PLUS 4.x/2000 for Windows often led to spurious summary file warning messages: "Unable to create summary file..._Data/_sum4.txt in: assign(".Steps", steps,....)." The cause of the warnings has been found and corrected. For() did not work if customers installed S-PLUS for Windows into a directory with spaces in it(for example: 'Program Files'!), it failed with the error message: "Errors occurred in subprocess -- results are wrong or incomplete in:..". The underlying problem, that For() did not understand SHOME environment variables with embedded spaces, has been corrected. Objects copied from one _Data directory to another using 'objcopy()' didn't always show up in a call to 'objects()' that looked at the target directory. S-PLUS did not always detect that a directory database was already attached, and thus did not always update its internal list of objects for that database. This has now been fixed. If you attached more than one database (not necessarily a dataframe/object) in a function (or top-level expression) that resulted in an error (in the GUI only), the following error message appeared when you detached a dataframe: "Error in UseMethod("assign", where): No specific or default method found(Dumped)." Once this occurred, detaching any database caused a GPF. If you changed the units in a Graph Sheet to mm, then saved graph properties as default, your next graph sheet would correctly default to mm, but a 2D plot created in the new Graph Sheet would have overly large tickmarks because they did not take into account the new default units. A variety of similar problems relating to saving mm units as default have also been corrected. On exiting Splus, the __init and __prev directories are now removed from the directory containing database 1 after the Commit Changes dialogue has executed. The Commit Changes dialog was giving objects modified in previous sessions, and it kept growing and growing, and when you attempted to restore an object with an earlier object, you often got one weeks or months out of date. DATES Dates data can now be entered consistently using either the Data Window or the Commands window with the dates() function. Both the default origin for Julian dates and the default century cutoff have been set consistently for both methods. When seq.dates() was used, it created a vector with right dates in engine, but the same vector was 60 years off in GUI. For example, > DateList as an option in the dropdown list of the Columns field: Pack Columns, Remove Columns, Clear Columns, Remove Block, Clear Block. is now the default for these dialogs. ts.union no longer fails when given an its constructed from a matrix with a single column. In the Data Window, using Copy and Paste on a numeric column retained only the display precision. The text sent to the clipboard now uses full precision: either "%.15g" or "%.6g". Exporting to ASCII did not retain the full precision. The exported text now uses full precision: either "%.15g" or "%.6g". IMPORT/EXPORT Importing Excel files with formulas that create logical and char values caused error "Out of memory or not enough memory for what you are trying to do....". This was corrected by setting TextAsFactors to Never for these files. The extension on SAS Transport Files that the File Import/Export utility uses by default has been changed from *.tpt to *.xpt. This is the new format that the Food and Drug Administration officially supports. Importing SAS *.sd2 files that are generated from code that contains a call to the SAS 'format' statement now works correctly. OBJECT EXPLORER/WORKSPACE The GUI no longer unnecessarily loads the data from the engine when columns of a DS are selected in the OE, synchronizing selection in the OE when the window becomes active and on top, or initializing any dialog with a wide formula control. Workspace files with type *.sws now launch Axum from the Windows Explorer. STATISTICS The function menuChisq() incorrectly applied Yates correction algorithm in all cases when a contingency table was given as input, even when the checkbox for Yates correction was cleared. It now respects the checkbox. plot.multicomp() now correctly computes the number of comparisons per page if the number of comparisons is an exact multiple of 21. Installation Axum Windows 3.x 6 en Installation

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