""Warning: Display does not support OpenGL.""

Last Modified: 4th Aug 2009
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Tecplot 9506 When running Tecplot Version 9 on a UNIX system and displaying it on another UNIX system (or X-Terminal, of PC with X-Server software), I get the following warning on the command line: ""Warning: Display does not support OpenGL. Reverting to Xlib. Install OpenGL on your machine for best performance."" Your UNIX system (or X-Terminal, or PC with X-Server software) probably doesn't have the GLX extensions that provide support for OpenGL. On a UNIX system, you can verify this by running xdpyinfo to see if GLX is in the list of extensions. If the UNIX system you're displaying on doesn't have GLX, to run the OpenGL version of Tecplot, you will need to upgrade your system software and, perhaps, your graphics card. If you are displaying on a Windows computer, you will need a newer version of X-Server software like Reflection X 8.04 or later, or Hummingbird Exceed 3D 7.0 or later. Option 2 is to install the Mesa build of Tecplot over the OpenGl build, and use the -mesa flag when displaying on that machine. Installation Tecplot en display OpenGL GLX Reflection Exceed

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