Is it possible to use Axum 5 Scripts in Axum 6?

Last Modified: 20th Jan 2014
Category: Mathematics and Simulation > Axum
Platform: Windows 3.x Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT 4.0 Windows 2000 Windows ME
Version: 5 6
Article Ref.: 93AE
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Axum 93AE Cross-compatibility of Axum 5 and 6. As stated, in the Axum 6 Readme file, the Axum language is supported but deprecated. Because of this it is suggested that users begin working with the S-PLUS language. It appears that the current release (6.02) has introduced a change that causes Axum 5 scripts to no longer work. The following lines of code will accomplish the modifications that are desired. . { (Axum language code) } guiModify( "double", Name = 1, NewName = x ) guiModify( "double", Name = 2, NewName = y, Precision = 6 ) . { (Axum language code) } In order to have this work the script will need to be set to use the S-PLUS language by setting the Language Type property to S-PLUS. The property dialog is accessed by right-clicking on the background of the script window. Also note that "double" in the guiModify() calls above may need to be set to another class depending on the actual type of the column. Name may also need to be set differently depending on whether the data set is current or not. Other possibilities are Name = "DSName$ColNum" or Name = "DSName$ColName", where DSName is the name of the data set, ColNum is the column number and ColName is the name of the column before modification. To see what other properties may be modified see double.htm (for double columns) in the HtmlLib directory under the Axum6 directory. To find information on other column types look at the Children section in DataShe1.htm or DataFra1.htm. Programming Axum Windows 3.x 5 en SPLUS

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