Raw data is shown by Port Cofiguration but not the formatted data

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
Category: Quality Control and Management > Quality Monitor
Version: 2.1
Article Ref.: 8F86
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Quality Monitor 8F86 The Port Configuration screen is able to receive data from the instrument, to enable this the baud rate, parity etc must be correct. Firstly, you need to "configure" and set the start point and stop point for the measurement in the data string. There is a numbered scale above the "from device" box. Find the starting number and ending number for just the reading the customer wishes from the device. Go into configure, value and set the starting and stop under data for the value. Page 150 in the manual is the starting page to read about doing this. Secondly you need to check the end of string settings. If at the end of the string there is just an ASCII character 13 ( a CR or carriage return) no line feed (ASCII character 10 or LF) then the secondary line mark should be set to none. See the note on page 147 of the manual. Also see number 5 on page 146 of the manual. QualityMonitor 2.1 en

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