*My upgrade installation is not recognising the previous serial number

Last Modified: 6th Aug 2013
Category: Mathematics and Simulation > Mathcad
Version: 8 2000 2001
Article Ref.: 8E0E
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Mathcad 8E0E When installing an upgrade, if the previous version is not already on the machine, the installation will ask you for the serial number of that previous version. This can be obtained from either: - the Help menu of the old version (if still installed elsewhere), by going to 'About Mathcad'; - the inside cover of the associated manual; - the original CD case for later versions (8 onwards). When entering the old serial number, make sure that you do not include any letters or numbers that may have been appended to it when it had updates applied, as these were not part of the original serial number and will be seen as invalid by the installation. If your previous version was 6, 8 or 2000 you may find that you have a letter appended to the serial number. Please omit this when asked for the old serial number. If the previous version was Mathcad 7 you may have a - (dash) followed by a number at the end of the serial number. This '-n' should be omitted when entering the old serial number. Mathcad 8 en

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