Data input boxes appearing unexpectedly on the final screen

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
Category: Quality Control and Management > Quality Monitor
Version: 2.1
Article Ref.: 84AE
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Quality Monitor 84AE When I go to the last screen while in run mode, I found that one of the data input boxes from the previous screen has been replicated. However, when I go back to design mode it isn't shown. Each screen must have an input field on it so that Quality Monitor has something to process. If there is no field that requires an input then Quality Monitor appears to randomly choose a field from the previous screen to display. The solution is to include a single field that requires processing, for example, you could have a field containing the operators initials (this would serve as a check that the operator had actually looked at the page) this could be a "pass through" field that only requires the operator to press the return key. This field would then stop the apparently random copying of fields from the previous screen. QualityMonitor 2.1 en

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