How do I get the option to V(iew labels)?

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
Category: Quality Control and Management > Quality Monitor
Version: 1.3
Article Ref.: 8442
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Quality Monitor 8442 When some charts are produced by Quality Monitor it gives you the option to V(iew Labels) but not on others. How do I get this extra option for all charts? The option to "V(iew labels)" will be available if there are description variables selected for the data being charted. (To set description variables, assuming they are using QA 5.1, open the data file in QA. Go to Parameters/ File, and select some "Description Variables". Save the data file. When you return to Quality Monitor & produce the chart this extra option will reappear.) So it's a QA setting that controls how the graphics look, not something in the QMF file. QualityMonitor 1.3 en

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