What's new in version 3.7 (Mac)

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
Category: Mathematics and Simulation > Mathtype
Version: 3.7
Article Ref.: 80A2
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Mathtype 80A2 What's new in version 3.7 1. It is compatible with Microsoft Word 2001 2. Can add Powerful Commands To Microsoft Word Menus - If you are using Microsoft Word (6.0, 98 or 2001), MathType adds commands to Word's menus to provide some powerful features: Update and reformat all equations in a selection or an entire document. You can change font, style, type size, etc., of a document's equations. You can also update equations created in older versions of MathType, Word's Equation Editor, or Word's "EQ" formula fields into MathType equations, or automatically convert all MathType equations into TeX format. Update equations in documents transferred from Word for Windows to Word for the Macintosh and vice-versa.Number and cross-reference equations. You have many number formatting choices. Double-clicking on an equation reference moves the insertion point to the referenced equation. MathType Preference files contain the settings that control the fonts, sizes, and spacing used for equations. You can associate a Preference file with a Word document template so that it loads into MathType any time you open a document using the template. This ensures your equations will all have the same formatting. 3. MathType Toolbar Button for Microsoft Word - MathType 3.7 automatically installs a MathType button onto Word's toolbar (Word 6.0, 98 and 2001). Now you can insert an equation with the click of a button or with a simple keyboard command -- no need to open the Insert Object dialogue. 4. Enhanced output on all non-PostScript printers - You don't need a laser printer to for high-quality printer output. MathType 3.7 will give you the same high-quality output on any non-PostScript printer, such as: HP Desk Jet, Office Jet & Inkjet, Epson Stylus Inkjet, Canon Bubble Jet, Lexmark JetPrinter, Apple Style Writer Printers, etc. 5. "Defaults" button - A new "Defaults" button has been added to MathType's Define Styles menu so that you can easily reset your equation's font styles back to MathType's factory settings with the click of a button. You'll save time whenever you want your equations to have the classic MathType look. 6. International Keyboards - MathType's keyboard shortcuts now work on all keyboard layouts. International users can use keyboard shortcuts for common operations like Cut (+C), Quit (+Q), Select All (+A), etc. 7. Appearance Manager Compatibility - MathType 3.7 is compatible with Apple's Appearance Manager. All dialogues and alerts will have a modern grey background or adhere to any other themes. Mathtype 3.7 en

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