Will it work with any Windows CE device?

Last Modified: 3rd Jan 2013
Category: Laboratory Applications > CE-Wedge
Platform: All
Version: 1
Article Ref.: 804E
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CE-Wedge 804E The CE-Wedge program was developed using the HP Journada 548 (must be a Journada Pocket PC & not the Journada Handheld PC) and the Compaq iPaq 3630 however any Windows CE device (running version 3.0 or above) should work. All Windows CE computers come with at lease one built in serial port however the HP serial ports are low power serial ports which makes them impossible to connect to certain low power instruments that steal power from the serial port. Specifically, the developers had trouble interfacing electronic digital calipers to the HP device. If you are using the serial cable that usually links to your device to connect to your instrument, you will probably need a null modem adapter. The NullModem adapter crosses the transmit and receive lines in the cable so that the cable will be compatible with a device that normally plugs into a PC. You may also need a gender changer depending on the cable from the instrument that you want to connect. Installation CEWedge All 1 en Installation

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